What My Favorite Manga Taught Me About Dealing With Players

My favorite manga series in the WORLD is Heart no Kuni no Alice: Wonderful Wonder World. Or in English: Alice In The Country of Hearts (and Clover, Joker, Diamond countries in the different spinoff series) in Wonderful Wonder world.

What My Favorite Manga Taught Me About Dealing With Players

It's loosely based on Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland series....But with guns, lots of violence, civil wars, and...many innuendo scenes. However, one main character that dominates over everything and everyone in the Country of Hearts is:

Blood Dupre

What My Favorite Manga Taught Me About Dealing With Players

Why? Because he's an asshole, loves violence, and doesn't respect Alice's or anyone else's boundaries. In other words, he's the perfect example of a hardcore player for this MyTake.

To make a long story short, Blood Dupre made many advances towards Alice for sex. She denied him dozens of times. She tried ignoring him, not visiting his home, making friends with the other characters, and everything she could think of....

However at the end of the series, Alice and Blood end up together; not just in the Hearts version but throughout almost all of the different series. In almost every different version (aside from the mini-series), they end up having sex too.

Why? Because even though he was an asshole Alice was very drawn to him (don't want to spoil the series so I can't list all of the reasons why she likes him) and really wanted to be with him despite the fact that he acted so cruelly.

Most of all, she was drawn to him because she could never win against him. All of their arguments, flirting, the sexual advances...He dominated everything. So Alice eventually gave in and went from almost hating him, to doing whatever he wanted her to do.

What My Favorite Manga Taught Me About Dealing With Players

One thing that was really obvious to me throughout different the series was this: No matter how unique she was (and she is the most unique character in their entire world, so that's saying a lot), or how romantic she thought he was being:

He still forced her to change herself for him; he was romantic (sometimes) but he never genuinely liked her at all. Nothing she could do was a surprise to him even remotely. At the end of the day he got what he wanted to a T. And, he had a participant who went from almost despising him, to hurling herself at him.

After reading the series and realizing all of that, I decided that if I'm ever dealing with a player, I have to either do one of two things:

Not speak with him in the first place.

Or if I do decide to become involved with him, I have to always remember that there's nothing unique about me in his eyes and there never, ever will be. He's seen it all before; all the different personality traits, all of my different emotions, any reactions I could have etc. NOTHING is a surprise to him...which is exactly why he would never legitimately fall in love with me.


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  • You know, I'm just going to out and out say this.

    I know plenty of people, boys, girls, but usually girls, who SAY they hate a guy because he's a player, bad boy, etc, just all of these terrible things about a guy that at the end of the day, they will SWEAR to you up and down that they are not attracted to and that they make them want to vomit.

    Then months later, they end up completely wanting to be with the guy.

    I'm seriously going to put my food down and say I have absolutely NO respect for these kinds of people.

    If I don't like you, then I, DON'T, FUCKING, LIKE YOU.

    I don't just throw that word out at random. I observe you on a deep level, and then I make an assessment. If there's a reason I don't like you, I damn well KNOW why and unless somehow the person MAGICALLY manages to change their personality (which NEVER happens), then you better be DAMN fucking sure I will STILL not like the person.

    I HATE it when adults say they don't dislike/hate the person, then a month or two later, end up jumping on the person in bed or getting into a relationship with someone when that asshole person literally did NOT change at ALL.

    That literally means if the asshole didn't change, YOU were the one who changed, YOU were the one who went BACK on your word and pretended like you didn't like a person, when in reality you wanted to fuck the hell out of them.

    I consider these types of people beneath me. I mean what I say, and I KNOW what I feel about a person when I tell you I don't like you.

    • I agree! Although you know what the interesting thing in the series is? Alice always tells everyone how much she hates the violence, but then she ends up with Blood Dupre; the most violent and socipathic character out of everyone there... and she still says she hates violence, but that didn't stop their relationship or the sex at all :p

    • Alice is a fucking moron then.

    • LOL, I honestly agree with you a little.

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  • I like Nana. Too bad it was never finished. It revolves around good girls, bad boys, hook ups gone wrong while heartbroken good boys patiently wait in the side lines. Just a great one to read (the animation only went half way through, you will want to read it). :)


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  • Glad to read a take inspired by Manga ^_^

  • So, how do you "dominate everything"?

    • Guys do it by forcing the girl (by default) to do what HE wants her to do, and he will DO or SAY whatever he has to say to make it happen. For instance, if a guy calls you, but you're busy and can't answer at the moment ( you have control) because HE'S trying to reach YOU, but You're not accessible to him. He will make sure that when YOU call HIM back, HE won't answer because then now he's in control , almost wanting you to wait on him. If you tell him hey I don't feel comfortable doing (insert whatever) he will talk you into by making you feel like it's OK and that actually if you don't you're wrong and the reasons why you don't makes no sense. I'm telling you I know this because it has been DONE to me. It's all about manipulation and you have to be very strong to fight against it, ESPECIALLY if you have feelings for the person.

  • This is REALLY, REALLY well thought out... Nice!


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