How to deal with players?

How do you play a player and teach him a lesson?


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  • Players are all about ego and being cocky/ confident... What you need to do to knock him down a peg is exactly what he probably does... But you have to remove any feeling from your actions... I know girls try the I am going to flirt right in front of you routine... But if you flirting with a guy you have to commit, you can't be looking over your shoulder to see my reaction... The problem with most people who try to get back at some that they just got played by is they over estimate the actual caring of the player...

    So... The one thing a player always thinks is if he wanted you back he could have in a second... The thing to do is completely cut him off... Don't answer calls... Ignore him when he is around... Literally pretend like he doesn't exist... He will feel rejected and then try even harder to pull you back in... That is when you crush the ego... This is harsh but let him know that he means and never meant anything and you were using him... It's all about beating the player to the punch... Play before you get played


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  • I like how this girl knows what she wants: she isn't whining about and is not calling for a hopeless piece of help to get a beloved stud back, she knows that she only wants to fire back at him, good start!

    Follow the approaches that the guys have given you here, and apply the filthiest thoughts in your mind with no doubts that you're doing the right thing, if you know he is a stinky stud then you'll know he is of no use to you as a woman no matter what actions he takes to get you back, those sympathy actions and fake chivalry are only to keep you tied like a slave, break your cuffs and treat him like you never knew him, do not fall for the pathetic revenge-taking actions such as flinging with hot guys, control your feelings firmly and cut him off. Tell him you're going to call the authorities or your brother if he ever tries to get near you.

    Best of luck

  • Just dump him! A player thinks that women are playthings to be used and abused. If a guy does this, and you find out about it, just stop playing his game and cut him off completely. Cold! Because of his ego, this will drive him crazy!

  • Cheat on him... duh

    • How do I get someone back who has been playing my feeling for three months

  • This could get my man card taken away but, I date a few women at once sometimes, I don't think I'm a player but just playing out all options. The thing I hate the most is when they don't return my calls.

    • Lmao... thanks for the 411 I will sure use it... I'm going to black list his ass

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  • A player doesn't care who the girl he's playing, is playing. He's playing his own game, and that's all that matters to him.

    What you really need to do, is act disgusted around him, and completely act as if you know, and you will, do better than him. And STOP PLAYING HIS GAME. Stop giving in to him.

    A player thinks he's God's gift to women. Once one of those women neglect him, and turn the tables, THAT will kill him.

    • Thanks realy

      when you said (A player thinks he's God's gift to women. Once one of those women neglect him, and turn the tables, THAT will kill him.)

      u made me realize he is really looking high of himself

  • Cheat on him. But not just once. A few times. Let it go on for a week or so. Then say look I need to tell you somethiing " Remember last week when I told you I was at my aunties and when you rang I didn't answer, yeah well that's because I was out with..." Or if you don't want to cheat just say you did. Say with people like the bartender, or that boy at the grocery store, the video store, the boy next door. Think of someone vague him and you have only seen once or twice and he can't get to. However by doing this it pretty much puts you on the same level as him so something that will hurt him even more as if you just move on and be happy. Dump his sorry ass. Go out with your girls. Meet someone new and make sure he sees you looking hot and happy. That will kill him!!!

  • I loved a guy he is so kind but he told me from the start that he is a player but what happened between us wasn't playing for me nd what made me trusting him that we are really so close as a friends nd because he said he trusting me

    he stopped every thing when we were so happy because he felt he is falling in love with me

    I don't care about that now what I realy care about how to make him stop playing with girls I want him to fall in love to feel the real happiness I don't care who he fall for just I don't want him to be a loser guy who don't have a real friend

  • Honestly, ignoring them is the absolute best thing to do and really the only truly effective revenge. Don't respond to text messages. This drives them crazy. And if he facebook chats you? Don't just ignore him and logoff. Ignore him and stay online and update your status and post on other people's walls like normal so he KNOWS your active and you just don't give a rat's ass about him. In my experience if you do this he'll keep contacting you because you've turned the tables and hurt HIM and he just needs your response to ease the pain. DON'T do it. He deserves the pain. After all, just think about how many girls he's caused pain to. Do it for them. Don't respond to the ignorant jerk. And if you see him in public? Ignore him. If you feel like you really have to give him something, act disgusted. And just give him a dirty look. If he comes over to say hey, ignore him. It will make him feel awful and like a complete loser, especially if he's with his friends. If it would make you seem awkward by not saying hi, just give a meek hi and don't make much eye contact and act totally immersed in conversation with someone else. Personally, I just love walking by and noticing that he's staring at me and completely ignore him. It's the most power you'll get when faced with a true player. Good luck ladies! I know pretending like you don't care at first is hard, especially when you've already given some of yourself to this person, but after some time you'll realize that you really don't care and your life is much better without them in it!

  • First off getting back on a player shorty never fall in his traps. As far as him going back to him pay him no attention it eats a a boy up when you pay him no mind, flirt with other boys in his face, do things you never did with him, pretend he ain't there and when he comes back give him the runaround.