5 Anime for grown up brains: They will give you a new perspective on life.

Most westerns equate watching Anime and anything Japanese with the word 'Weaboo'.

But I bet that you'll be a fan after watching these ones.

1. Death Note

Knowledge can be dangerous, especially when combined with a book that can kill anyone you want, anytime you want.

Our Villain is a twisted guy with a desire to become the god of his 'new world' and he is willing to do anything for that. Anything...like killing thousands without remorse.

2. Code Geass

In this alternate future, Britannia has conquered most of the world using large humanoid war machines called Knightmare.

Racism and discrimination is the policy of the Mighty Empire.

Our protagonist Lelouch has one and only ambition, Revenge.

This series was an absolute blockbuster.


If you could go back in time and correct your mistakes, wouldn't that be great?

Out protagonist can do that, thanks to the strange event called 'recap'.

This is meant for mature audience.

4.Stiens Gate

The only word that can describe this one is 'killer'.

I'm short of words......just watch till episode 5 and you'll get addicted to it.

5. Shiki

This is a creepy one. Mysterious deaths in a village, no one has a clue. Disease? radiation? What in the world?!

Then, the doctor puts his efforts in a different direction and what he finds, is terrifying.


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  • Id include Mirai Nikki there :)

    by the way did you use to go by the username Chief? im just going on hunch here.


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  • I've watched Death Note. Currently in the middle of Code Geass. Haven't seen the other ones but if they're as good as the first two then I'll check them out.

    • There all brilliant but Stein's Gate will blow your head.

    • I watched all of Erased. It's funny that you say this is an anime for grown up brains considering he spends most of his time as a kid. I thought there would be more time travel events, but it was still a decent series.

      I watched a few episodes of Steins Gate but couldn't get into it. Daru made me laugh at times though.

      I also couldn't get into Shiki. The pacing is kind of slow.

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  • Cowboy Bebop is considered the best anime of all time. How could you forget Cowboy Bebop?

    • It was one of the best, but best of all time? People have differing views.

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    • Type "Best Anime of all time" in Google and Cowboy Bebop shows up first. It also has a 9/10 IMDb. It paved a way for different anime in the future, setting an example with likable characters and a ambiguous plot line as other anime at the time were greatly based off robots and superpowers.
      You should definitely finish it. It is really worth it. I know it can get boring but I promise you it will affect you.

  • I v seen the 1st and the second one. And I do like these two anime a lot!


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