Why Your Tinder Profile Should Be Honest

Why Your Tinder Profile Should Be Honest

So recently I got Tinder, the picture-swiping dating app, and all I have to say is wow. I've been missing out.

Even though I haven't matched yet, I have been enjoying my time on Tinder a lot. For me, it reminds me that there are lots of attractive people I might connect with out there, so I see the app in a positive light.

Anyway, let's get into why your Tinder profile should be honest.

For those of you who don't know, Tinder came out a year or two ago and is basically a new version of "hot or not". The main difference is if the other person thinks you're hot as well, you can message one another and maybe eventually meet up. You can import pictures of yourself from Facebook and write a few lines about yourself, and that's pretty much it.

In my experience on Tinder here on exchange in the UK, I have come across some people that don't represent themselves fully at first glance. They only present the parts of themselves they want you to see, which can be a problem depending on what they're looking for.

If you're looking for lots of matches, then sure, have attractive pictures of whatever part of you is your best Tinder quality. But, if you're looking to meet someone through Tinder, you're setting yourself up for problems by not letting potential swipes see at least what you look like.

Here in my area, examples include bigger girls only having headshots on Tinder, other girls not showing their entire face on their pictures, or people with only group photos so you can't tell who they are.

By not giving people an accurate sense of who you are (at least what you look like), what will that bring? If weight is a deal-breaker for someone, wouldn't you rather not have to deal with that in person?

For me, I put a few things on my Tinder profile: a brief description of who I am and what I'm about, some pictures of me to help people get a sense of what I look like, and some pictures of me doing things I love like mixology classes and DJ-ing. If someone would disqualify me based on any of those things, I would rather they just swipe left on their phone to save my time.

Even for something as superficial as Tinder, if you want better quality matches, it's a good idea to show more of yourself. While the app seems to be largely used for hookups, I still enjoy using it in a more relationship-oriented way. Despite its flaws, it can be an easy, low-effort way to reach a lot of local people quickly.

I see Tinder as a positive thing, but it does require some degree of honesty to work, depending on what you're looking for.

I'm curious to hear all of your opinions on Tinder too. Feel free to comment below!


Most Helpful Girl

  • I have had Tinder for a while now and finally I deleted it from my phone somewhere this week.

    I loved Tinder! I am not a very social person (talkative person and a lot of times I don't know what to say so I keep quiet) but with Tinder I could tell people things I didn't have a chance to before because I couldn't say it as loud as other could and I loved that. It made me feel like people liked me for who I was inside instead of what I looked like.

    But some people on Tinder are assholes. Not only guys but girls as well. You see their description and when you are a match you say something nice about it but then you get a cold hearted, annoying reply. Or they say you look fine and they would 'do you'. That is why I deleted Tinder. It made me feel like a was worthy but at the same time it is all about one thing for the other party, sex.

    Now that I have deleted my account I feel less lonely. I only have to involve myself with love/sex when I want, when want to I dare myself to take the next step with someone.
    I dare myself to walk to someone, tell them my name (introduce myself) and say I want to get to know them. So far, so good.
    People are most likely to be honest when you talk to them in person than to talk to them trough a device.

    I met some people who have a great relationship through Tinder and I think that is wonderful! But here, In the Netherlands, it feels like guys are only on Tinder because they can't get sex and no one is out on a real relationship (romantically or as friends).

    Anyhows I wish you the best with Tinder and I hope you have as much fun as I did but know, it is only a app you can delete at any moment :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • I like the way you speak in favor of honesty and provide reasons for it. I agree that honesty has benefits in many avenues of life, not just online dating.

    Also, on a personal note, I've had several awkward experiences in online dating where I almost took a girl out, only to get facebooked by her and find out she really looked far less attractive than she had portrayed. Looks aren't everything, but then again, they are when you have nothing else to go on, and learning that someone is both physically unattractive to you, and deceptive about it, is usually enough to put a person off from ever continuing corresponding.


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What Girls Said 6

  • I agree. Be honest.

    I've never actually done online dating... never signed up to it, never been on Tinder or anything so I don't have any personal experience with it but I know friends who have been on it.

    It's just an initial meet isn't it. Instead of your friend in common saying describing the two of you and you meeting and being a little awkward, it's just skipping out that friend and it's down to you to depict yourself accurately.

    Good luck :)

  • I honestly can't take anyone on Tinder serious. Though its marketed as a dating app I think its for hookups.

    • Agreed. I've heard the guys in particular are usually just in it for casual sex

  • Honeslty, if a guy has a LONG tinder bio about who he is and what he's about I'll probably swipe left. I like short bios that make me want to know more.

  • Ok.
    Point well taken

  • Is true love real?

    • Lol don't be silly of course true love isn't real

    • Just like life; love is only what you make of it. So fuck yes it's real or it wouldn't even be a word or something we humans talk about. You just keep running into idiots like the one that responded to you before me being smart asses in the fucking mouth. I hate people that like to kill another's hopes and spirits.

  • Don't give up. I met my boyfriend on Tinder. I'm fairly overweight and along with a few head shots of myself I had 2 full body photos as well. He's pretty skinny and even he had head shots and body photos. My bio was short but not as short as others. So was his. It was about 4-5 lines. Nothing too tedious to read.

    • Aw thanks. Yeah my first match is taking forever to respond (and even worse I see she was active on it not long ago) so I'm just like fffff. I know it's not me but it still sucks cause I'm a pretty open, genuine person and not everyone is like that.

What Guys Said 1

  • I actually met my current girl on tinder. We were both exactly who we said we were and looked like we should have, to be honest, I thought she was hotter in real life. Our first 'date', wasn't even a date in my mind, it wa sjsut a drink or two to make sure we were who we were as we had both had experiences meeting up with people either not as they portrayed themselves or didn't feel a connection. that first night turned into a 7 hour date. So tinder can work for more than just hook ups.

    That all being said, I think guys and girls have very different experiences on tinder. For girls, almost every guy they swipe is a match BUT like 2/3 are assholes and a fair amount may be normal, but are just looking for a hookup. Where as guys have the problem of getting a match (I think I only had a total of 50 or so with playing a lot daily, I guess you have to be sexy to get a right swipe). but when you actually get a girl who is not a fake account or a prostitute (or what ever new girlfriend experience is, no I won't pay you 'roses')...


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