The Tinder 80/20 Myth

The Tinder 80/20 Myth

It’s popular to believe that some other guy is getting all the girls on Tinder if you are a guy that uses Tinder, because, well because the app doesn’t necessarily work as advertised (for men).

See my other take on the results of a fake Tinder profile using a hot guy’s photos.

The match rate is still below 10% for a hot guy. Compared to the 0.5% match rate for an average guy.

The match rate for a hot girl, on the other hand, is 83%.

So what is going on here? How is it that women are getting so many matches but even the hot guys aren’t getting a lot of matches? Wouldn’t it be that all the girls are matching with the same guys?!? Actually, no.

Here’s an alternative that I think could actually be true.

A large majority of the men are swiping right on all the same women, but all the same women are not swiping right on all the same men. That’s what’s actually going on.

Male Tinder users swipe and pray. Indiscriminately liking nearly all the female profiles before them (and they may genuinely feel attraction for 80% of all women on earth (very likely imo)). But the girls do not reciprocate this, nor do they all zone in on a few 10% or 20% of hot men.

Rather, they go after what they like. Which seems sporadic and seemingly different for every girl. We know this because the hot guy isn’t getting all the matches. He’s down below 10%!

Sure he’s 15x more likely to get a match than an average guy, but 7.5% match rate is nothing. And, the normal average guy was 20% more likely to receive a response to his message than the hot guy.

And sure, hot guy receives more sheer messages simply because he has more women matches to try and talk too. Some men might prefer having more options. Some men might prefer fewer, but more high quality connections.

This just about busts the 80/20 hookup culture theory. But, ya know. People want to see a hotter guy with a shirtless profile photo and see how he stacks up. I’ll be on the lookout for that in order to settle this thing once and for all, and to find out for sure if it’s true or not true that some few guys are getting all the girls. Because maybe this fake profile just wasn’t hot enough (but it’s doubtful, though possible).

The Tinder 80/20 Myth
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Most Helpful Girl

  • lucidhope
    No one uses Tinder for dating its just to hook up. My friend would download it, then delete because they were all just horny, then she would get again. She's not the most sane person either. About a month and a half ago she met this guy days after her ex called things off once again. Instead of on the date as planned she banned him instead. He's obviously just looking for a booty call anyway possible and she's looking for super long-term. She says she's scared she's always pregnant even though she’s using birth control and condoms (news flash, she never is) and is trying to get married in a month. She’s 18 but still a senior in highschool 🤨 She’s my friend but im pretty sure a lot of these kinds of people are on tinder 😂 which is why it’s not a good place to find love anyways. And if you do you beat the odds.
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    • Robertcw

      Thanks for sharing that! Indeed, I use Tinder for booty calls. But these statistics show its basically a waste of time for men. They’d literally have a higher ratio of casual sex per attempt going out to bars and beaches instead.

      What I find funny is that girls always talk about how they want sex as much as men, or more, but then constantly turn down offers for it on an App explicitly designed to match people up for casual sex.

      I mean, guys on the app are putting the ball in their court. I think that says something about the difference between a male and female sex drive, but maybe that’s just me.

    • Robertcw

      My point with this take was to bust the myth that 20% of men on Tinder are hooking up with 80% of women on Tinder while 80% of men on Tinder compete for the ugliest 20% of women on Tinder.

Most Helpful Guy

  • MostPaloney23
    I need rinse my brain in Pine Sol now that I finished reading this. That also disproved screw all, but Tinder is a cesspool regardless, but moreso for guys with no shortage of attention whores and basic ass profiles.

    I've used it for both casual and to seek out something meaningful and met a couple cool people. But Hinge is known to the real relationship oriented app and it has several key features for free that you need to pay for or don't even get on tinder
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    • Robertcw

      You know, you are the second person to mention hinge. I need to give that a try. A friend of mine reported that it’s easier to get actual meetups in person from matches on hinge compared to tinder.

    • There definitely aren't as many users on Hinge vs Tinder, but you can be more selective with what you're looking for. Plus it's easier to spark a conversation with the icebreakers and its users seem to take the intended concept a bit more seriously.

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  • zoeadams3
    I had one look at Tinder and found nothing really appealing. If you’re looking for a shot at a one night stand, go for it. No real profile to select from, just a photo.
    And then there were the horror stories of Tinder, non experienced by me thankfully. Jerks to rapes to found dead in the ditch. No thank you, don’t wanna join that club.
    • Robertcw

      Oh, never thought about getting raped and killed in a ditch. That’s fucked up. That could explain the apprehension of women on the app.

    • Robertcw

      As a pretty fit 25 year old man, typically other people run from me not the other way around. Thus I don’t really ever fear for my safety unless I suspect someone has a gun.

  • little_bird1
    I think Tinder is awesome. It's popular and dating pool is high, compared to any other app (at least in my country). In my country no one uses any other app.
    So it makes me frustrated when people use it just for hookup. It is such a genius solution for dating, but people ruined it. I guess it depends on the country. I live in very stone age country where technology didn't really kick in yet, so people are using Tinder in secret. No one admits to it, and when they are found out they use "just a hookup" as an excuse because, for some dumb reason, using it only for hookup (for guys) is totally justified, but for girls it means you a slut. But using it for finding love is like the lowest and most desperate thing one can do. You are laughed at and shamed if you say you are looking for a relationship on there. Because it means that (for girls) "no one wants you in real life so you hide behind photoshoped pictures" or (for guys) "you too of a pussy to flirt in real life".
    It's totally messed up and I honestly believe it's more suitable for men. They look for hookup there because they know that's the only thing they're not gonna be shamed about. But the truth is, the only reason people are using it is because we became so glued to our phones and online activity that we lost touch with reality. Men really don't flirt/approach in person anymore because women are constantly rejecting them (and often in a very rude way). Which is so ironic because they would most likely liked the same guy on Tinder. Doing it over Tinder seems kind of safer; for guys because they can avoid being accused of sexual harassment, and for girls because if she doesn't like how the convo is going she can just unmatch him and avoid discomfort of giving him the actual reason why. It's harder rejecting someone in person, because a lot of them don't go away when you say no.

    But to answer your take, the reason why hot guys are not getting matches is because most girls automatically assume he's a player. Some of my female friends, including myself, will instantly swipe left on a shirtless, hot guy who is basically just posing. Women are not so visual. If a guy is really that hot, that's usually a red flag, so he has to show something else interesting in his profile to be given a benefit of a doubt. And that's usually a very good info saying something intelligent or funny or reassuring that he's valuable. Hot guys don't understand that is a crucial requirement. Almost no girl will swipe right just soly based on his attractive photos.
    • Robertcw

      Well, a few things.

      One, becoming a hot guy takes a ton of $$$ and time because of how expenisve body building is. Any guy under 20 who is 'hot' has wealthy parents who are sex positive -- period. So it's not fair to judgr guys this way because if it were so easy all men would become hot. But they don't because they can't afford to lift weights. Building muscle is very expensive.

      Now that that is out of the way, secondly, it's not that great from a guy's perspective because most girls will ignore you. It's really shitty. Sometimes you get lucky, but most often its a depressing experience of nothing but seeing photos of people you'd like to meet.

      Girls really get the upper hand because even if you are shamed, you get sex if you want to. The same is not true for men.

    • Robertcw

      I don't blame you though. You probably can't even comprehend the male perspective because it sounds unrealistic or dramatic to you somehow. But really, try making a male profile with photos of someone who isn't a model and see how it is to be a guy on Tinder.

    • "Girls really get the upper hand because even if you are shamed, you get sex if you want to" yeah if we want to, but we usually don't. We want a meaningful relationship, and guys on Tinder don't want that (or at least don't admit it). So it sucks for both genders.

      And being a hot girl costs triple more the money then being a hot guy, just so you know.

      Also, it's not fun receiving all those "hi's" and "hey's" and "hello's" with 0 interesting things to say except "wanna fuck" or "show nudes".

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  • 0112358
    Your data does not burst the 80/20 rule at all. It supports it strongly.

    A 10% match rate is pretty high for an app where you can try to match so many women.
    • Robertcw

      Are you serious man? The girl had a 80% match rate. The guy at most 25%.

      If the 80/20 rule applied, the guy would get 80% of the matches, obviously.

      What’s really going on is all the men are liking all the same women, but all the women are not liking all the same men.

    • 0112358

      No. That’s not what 80/20 means.

      80/20 means 20% of the men are getting connections with most of the women while 80% of guys are getting almost nothing. It doesn’t mean every man in that 20% gets every woman. It means that collectively that top group of men get most of the women.

    • Unit1

      This right here. He has just proven the 80/20 theory.

      Many men agree, that women are the pickier ones by far. Looks really are the starters.

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  • ForbesMagazine
    "In March 2015, the website Medium published a statistical analysis quantifying the degree of inequality on Tinder as a dating market. The analysis concluded that "the bottom 80% of men (in terms of attractiveness) are competing for the bottom 22% of women and the top 78% of women are competing for the top 20% of men.

    The Gini coefficient for the Tinder dating market based on 'like' percentages was calculated to be 0.58. This means that the Tinder economy has more inequality than 95.1% of all the world's national economies. In addition, it was determined that a man of average attractiveness would be 'liked' by approximately 0.87% (1 in 115) of women on Tinder."
  • UnicornLobotomy
    Pictures with my shirt off reciprocated messages and got me more matches than a cleaned up profile without doing that, it seemed childish, but chicks these days respond to that, they want sex on the first to third date, they want dick picks half of the time, and if you aren't fast they'll move on, yet a month into the relationship they are already worried you move that fast with anyone, etc and how they feel like a slut and they don't want you to get the wrong idea, lol. Its all messed up.
  • SexyAshh
    My mind hurt after reading this.

    Probably shouldve done this as a mytake
  • redpanda_
    I met my current boyfriend and the person I was with before that, who's now a very good friend of mine, on Tinder. Definitely not just for one night stands/booty calls!
  • SkipStop
    I guess there is no point of making an account. Maybe create a fake profile just to tease the girls, maybe get a few sexy pics and then deactivate.
    • Robertcw

      There are guys that do this. Wow guys in the incel community call this ‘chadfishing.’ Some even get girls to buy them things online.

    • SkipStop

      REALLY? Holy, now I'm definitely gonna do this. Chadfishing does sound like the perfect term. Thank you for the info.

  • themomo84
    I was on Tinder for literally 10 minutes. There's nothing authentic about the experience. Besides, I don't need to go electronic for sex. I can't speak for anyone else. Ty!
  • Celtero
    Meh, anecdotal. Point is, if you're not hot don't expect a whole lot of matches. 10% match rate is still pretty good.
  • cedricadedje
    I wish that I had Tinder, but I don't want it. Because, I simply found the perfect one.
  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take
  • Anonymous
    "This just about busts the 80/20 hookup culture theory."
    Like I said in the other take, your interpretation is bad and you're straw-manning this. Please stop.
    • Robertcw

      I wrote all these at the same time. They’re just getting promoted at different times.

    • Anonymous

      And I'd like everyone to be aware there's mistakes that I've pointed out, even if they only view one post.

  • Anonymous
    nothing you say has any value lol