What I Learned From 24 Hours on Tinder as a 17-Year-Old


On a whim, I decided to download Tinder in the bright and early hours of Wednesday morning. (No kidding, it was 2 am… usually when I get all of my brilliant ideas lmfao). Here's what happened:

What I Learned From 24 Hours on Tinder as a 17-Year-Old
The age on my Facebook account is incorrectly 18 (I don't know how to change it lol) hence allowing me to create a Tinder account as you use Facebook to connect to the app. However, I specified that I was 17 and had written that I am a Year 11 Student (Junior) on my profile, and made sure to work my age into every conversation I had, one way or another. I set my age range for 18-22, and my pictures were my Facebook profile picture and my cover photo, along with my current G@G picture too.

Also, before any of you say it: I was not looking for random hook-ups, even if that's 'what Tinder is used for' and all that. I have seen people make friends and get into long term relationships through that app, so it's not solely used for booty calls (even though admittedly, it mostly is). I didn't even really have a real reason for being on the app, to be quite honest, apart from wanting to see what it was like more than anything else.

Anywho, after tweaking some of the settings and got swiping, and in two hours, I had 60 matches and a few conversations going. I still had no clue what I was doing, and was questioning whether I should really be on Tinder or not. I thought it’d make an interesting question, so I asked G@G obviously. Check out the question here: https://www.girlsaskguys.com/dating/q2134316-am-i-too-young-to-be-on-tinder

I eventually went to bed that night after running out of likes, but I didn’t manage to check it much throughout most of the next day, apart from the occasional swipe here or there, which I read is a good way for you to get high visibility.

I was on an outing with some friends, and I had my phone with me, and I kept on getting all of these notifications about new matches and messages, which was actually making me anxious. After about the 20th ding from the app, I turned the notifications off completely, and suddenly it became a lot more peaceful. I thought it'd be exciting, but the app was just stressful, particularly when I was busy in other aspects of my life, which I often was. I felt obligated to respond to everyone because I'd been too forthcoming with the swipes, and honestly, I felt like I couldn't keep up.

Within less than 24 hours, I had 155 matches, and 43 conversations going.

The Matches

What I Learned From 24 Hours on Tinder as a 17-Year-Old

When I first downloaded the app, I may have gone a little stir crazy with the right swipes. Though, some of the instant turn offs for me were as follows:

a) a group photo ---- seriously, I saw so many of these, do I really need to explain why this doesn't work?

b) a badly angled photo, taken from the side, or a photo where I couldn't see the entirety of the guy's face, and this was made worse when there were no other photos to look at either.

c) a grainy photo ---- why even bother? If I can't make out your nose on your face or other key facial features, I'm not gonna be swiping right.

d) I also kind of want to say mirror selfies ruled some guys out, but as long as it's clear and you're not pulling a stupid expression or hiding half your face behind your phone, I didn't mind them.

e) I don't know how appealing it is for guys, but those snapchat filters with the flower crowns or the butterflies were a no go (even though there were few and far between that actually had them).

f) sunglasses, really?

I matched with many people who had a lot of mutual friends of mine from Facebook, and as for people I actually knew, I matched with three Year 12 guys (seniors) from my own school, who I'm pretty sure don't even know I exist at school lmao.

What I Learned From 24 Hours on Tinder as a 17-Year-Old

A friend had mentioned to me that supposedly lots of guys swipe right on everyone and don't even bother looking at their faces, so upon hearing that, I decided to be more picky in my second round of swiping (after the 12 hour recharge period for swipes had finished). I noticed less matches, but I still got enough that I was more than satisfied with how things were going.

The Conversations

I didn't end up initiating any conversations, mostly because the ones that had already been started were keeping me quite busy. However, this is not to say that I don't believe girls should just sit back and wait for guys to message them, if you see someone you like the look of, go for it! I don't know what it'd be like from a male's perspective, but I do know that they marginally receive a lot less messages from girls, so perhaps you'd even be showing your initiative or whatever you'd like to call it by messaging the guy first.

I also didn't bother to reexamine profile pictures up close of the guys who messaged me, as I didn't want the way they looked to subconsciously influence the way I responded back. And, just so we're all clear, I didn't overtly flirt with any of these guys, and didn't 'get sexual' either, because that's just asking for trouble (I mean so is being on here to begin with, but you get my point).

[Watch this randomly placed but interesting 'Tinder Experiment' video above!]

Message Content

As for the actual content of the messages, well, they varied, but many were actually quite... dull. See below for the highlights of the types of messages I received.

* Majority of the guys started with a 'hey' or 'hi, how are you' or talked about the weather, which is fine, but like I said, it get's boring after a while. I found that a lot of the conversations I had with these guys dropped off pretty fast, and the messages didn't flow so well.

What I Learned From 24 Hours on Tinder as a 17-Year-Old

* I got a few really bad and some not so bad pick up lines which I personally always find extremely entertaining. One guy put me on the spot and asked me for my best pick up line, which I thought was good.

* Some guys asked me a question to initate conversation, and others even used my age as a topic of discussion. Asking questions to get to know someone (so long as they're not completely pointless) tends to work well too.

* I got about two or three dudes who used a compliment as an opening line, which I accepted graciously and always responded politely, but honestly, regardless of whether you're being genuine or not, it does come across as though you're trying to suck up to me, and it's not necessary because I mean, you already swiped right!

* Others made some rather creepy comments about 'going to jail being worth it' or 'you don't know the half of all the dirty disgusting things I'd like to do to you,' etc. Guys, this won't get you laid, just blocked and reported.

* There was one guy who's opening message was 'I almost feel guilty swiping right, you have such an innocent face...' which I never got around to responding to, but for some reason this stuck in my head for a little bit, because it wasn't overly creepy, yet it left me with a lot of room to make a flirty/sexual comment in response if I wanted to.

What I Learned From 24 Hours on Tinder as a 17-Year-Old

* I did have one 18 year old guy rip into me about being 17 and how it was false advertising, against the app policy and also not safe, all of which is true. So good on you Jordan, you did the right thing.

As for upping the ante, unless they'd initially sent a flirty or sexual message, it was extremely rare for that I spoke to to become more flirty, which in this case makes sense as I'm under 18, but if I were over 18 and actively looking for someone, this would be a big downfall.

Most guys, particularly ones that were 19+ or in second or third year uni seemed a little hesistant to be talking to me, which I don't think is an inherently bad thing, even though the age of consent is 17 in my state.

I got those images from this article here, and I actually think it's really useful.

And you can check out more funny conversation starter ideas here, that are moreso intended for laughs rather than anything else.

In Summary

To be quite honest, I thought everyone would be looking solely for hookups on Tinder, and while I didn't speak to a lot of people for long enough to work out what their true intentions were, there certainly seemed to be a variety of different types of people looking for different things.

But, in saying that, I still think that the general consensus is that Tinder is a hookup app, so I would not download it with the inherent expectation to find a long term relationship.

Overall, this was an interesting experience I had on Tinder (even if it was for a mere 24 hours until I deleted it), and not altogether a bad one, but I think I'll be waiting til I'm 18 until I download it again.

What I Learned From 24 Hours on Tinder as a 17-Year-Old
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  • redeyemindtricks
    What EVERY woman on Tinder (and online dating in general) should do -- literally, absolutely every woman -- is START by giving ABSOLUTELY UNEXPECTED ANSWERS to things.

    Like... things that aren't *quite* nonsense, but are pretty damn close.

    You get the point, right?

    The point is to IMMEDIATELY filter out guys who are using "canned lines", or "scripts", or other kinds of "formulas".

    I mean... I don't know for sure, one way or the other -- I have 0 personal interest or investment, so I haven't bothered to research it -- but, I'm SURE that such things are out there, and I'm SURE that there's a whole cottage industry by now *selling* these scripts to guys. (If not, that'd be one hell of a business opportunity!)

    Like... this recruiting flowchart

    Or these cold-call scripts to get past "common roadblocks" mahah

    I mean... for boys, Tinder is a numbers game. You've seen those fearless_banana takes, right? He sent the same damn messages to basically every girl 😂😂
    The point is to give responses that are weird enough that the boy HAS to be on his toes with you... for a while, at least.

    You don't have to stay weird forever and ever and ever (although you should absolutely keep fucking with the boy's head at regular intervals, forever... I'm still doing it after 17 years with *my* man!) -- but, you should do it until you are CONFIDENT that he's actually getting PERSONAL with you.


    In any case... I couldn't do this whole "online dating" thing. In-person chemistry is just way way way waaaaayyyy too much of a thing, for me. Can't imagine investing that much effort upfront, before even *finding out* whether that chemistry is there.
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    • I so did not expect the first upvote to come from a boy.

    • 0112358

      It's some guy who writes careful responses and wants recognition for it.

      Reality is that responses barely move the needle, while the f-bananas of the world can do great without even looking at what they're saying.

    • @0112358 Tru tru.

      I mean -- I suppose I should have added a disclaimer: If the GIRL is just looking for a good fuck, then, no need to follow my instructions here, either.
      (But, I don't think tinder would be the place to look for a good fuck... way too much time spent before determining so much as a glimmer of physical chemistry)

      On the other hand, if the girl is actually hoping, even fractionally, that some sort of more permanent setup might emerge from this -- then, yeah, she need to screen out the "bulk" approaches.

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Most Helpful Guy

    No offense, but I would have passed you up like undercooked spinach at a turkey dinner AND reported you for being 17. Not only is that dangerous, but it can get a lot of genuinely innocent and sincere guys into serious trouble. Please realize that. What may seem like fun and games to you can be a prison sentence for a male 18 and up.
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    • Luci92

      Fair enough.

    • I would differ. It all depends on in which country and state you are basically.

    • @SpinningDude69 I'm in liberal feminist California. I have no due process or rights as a man.

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  • AllThatSweetJazz
    Girl's always say hey how are you is boring, but all that kind of formulaic stuff comes from having tried that not boring stuff first. Because I had seen all these girl's profiles talking about not liking a simple "hey" I would spend like 20-30 minutes thinking up a message. I'd introduce myself, make a joke, comment on something in their profile and ask a question. It didn't really get me anywhere, I lost enthusiasm and instead just said hey how are you to more people and had similar results. I don't have the energy to compose a personalised message for every freaking girl. And it would seem this is the birth of pickup lines.

    It's interesting to see a microcosm of courting dynamics within this one app. Men get so little attention that they won't even waste the time it takes to look at each person before they swipe and it is by far the most practical solution for them. As a consequence women become more picky, faced with so many matches, driving men's received attention down again and so on.

    Spending time in tinder as a guy (unless you're especially attractive) is just depressing the more the nature of the situation dawns on you. And it only gets worse when you hear so many girls just go on their for fun, not looking to meet anyone or even talk to anyone, just self-esteem from all the matches, which only further robs me of my self-esteem. I'm looking for real human connection and they're just using me to get what they want, it all feels very gross. Maybe it's better for older guys.

    Not sure whether my time on such apps were worth it. On the one hand it cost me a piece of my soul; a piece of my innocence, a part of me that wants to see the whole world as amazing and enjoy all of it. On the other hand I feel like I learned something about the nature of reality and what harshness and difficulties I should expect moving forward in life. It's the old ignorant bliss verses sobering truth dichotomy.
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    • Luci92

      Fair enough, I'm sorry you had this experience.

  • SpinningDude69
    Well, what I can say from this take is that Tinder mostly favours women like always with online dating.

    "* I did have one 18 year old guy rip into me about being 17 and how it was false advertising, against the app policy and also not safe, all of which is true. So good on you Jordan, you did the right thing."

    LMFAO, really? I don't think that guys here in UK would be so picky about it at all, after all legal age here is 16. Just sayin'.
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    • Luci92

      Yeah, I don't think I fully realised how much it would suck to be a guy on online dating.
      Ahaha really? I wonder why there's a difference

    • Luci92

      between the guys in the UK and ones in Australia.

    • Well, I think it's mostly due to the fact that UK is oversexualised country after all and many people don't give a fuck what other people think, I mean, if it's legal, it's legal and move on, that kind of mentality. Also, many guys don't complain much as long as they get sex so yeah.

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  • blondfrog
    All dating sites are hook up sites or apps. You just can't genuinely fall in "love" with someone who you talk to on the internet it just doesn't make any sense to me. As a guy you will get a completely different experience I never tried tinder but I had ok cupid for a while and they are all the same so as a guy you rarely get any massages and the ones who do message you are either catfishers or really ugly no offense. The guys who do get messaged a lot by hot girls first and a lot are guys with status or who are rich which usually when you are famous you usually also have money so yea. I find that the ideology that women are attracted to guys more who they meet in person is true. Most women don't actually want to work hard to find a guy they really click with that's why you see women always put on their dating profile they want to date a guy really close to them women are very lazy in this regard. And this makes sense since women can usually pick their partners cause they know they have more options and that guys will come to them they don't have to go out looking.
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    • Luci92

      Makes sense.

    • MrNameless

      Believe it or not, there's a lot of people looking for serious relationships on tinder.

    • blondfrog

      @MrNameless And very unsuccessful

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  • posted
    Guys don't get near as many matches and usually only the girls who are new to tinder are good for entertaining convos! Personally I never went out of my way in opening lines because I don't know the person and lots of them aren't very fun to talk to after they've had their first 1000 messages haha. Dating sites aren't bad if you're a girl, but if you're a guy it's definitely ehh.
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  • ginny_weasley
    Good take. I've actually thought of getting one. But then I thought, my family doesn't know the meaning of boundaries or privacy, so I better wait. I also get my best ideas in the middle of the night. Last Tuesday at around 11:30 at night, I just thought I should dye my hair black. I was serious about it because the next morning I went and bought two boxes of hair dye. Best impulsive decision ever!
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    • From what iv heard your not missing out on much.
      but privacy is important. If they go through your phone though you can use an emulator on your laptop to run what ever mobile apps you don't want them to see.
      If you think they will go through your laptop hide the emulator icon in a directory rather than your desktop.

    • Android emulators are free.

    • Luci92

      @sedrftvgyhujik *takes notes*

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  • RJMusickid
    I've actually found Tinder to work for dating and meeting people. I've never really been a hookup person. I actually met my current girlfriend using Tinder funnily enough. I suspect she used Tinder for everything from going on dates to hooking up (I haven't pried too much).

    Really interesting take though, and pretty well written. Thanks!
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    • Luci92

      Cheers, glad to hear the app was beneficial to you.

  • RainbowFanGirl
    I went on Tinder too but I didn't think of posting my experience. :P

    For me it was pretty meh. Nobody swipes on you unless you're hot and a model or something. Oh, and girls are like 5 times more likely to get a swipe than guys. If you watch h3h3, a YouTuber, he proves this theory when him and his wife make accounts. Almost every guy swiped on his wife while he got literally none.
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    • Oh and I did get a couple of swipes and faves. :) wasn't expecting that. ;)

    • Luci92

      Sweet! :P
      Yeah girls have it a lot easier when it comes to online dating ahah.

    • I think I look okay and unsurprisingly I still got swipes. However some good liking guys have trouble getting swipes back. I guess it's just harder for guys in general.

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  • john52461
    These ideas about asking questions waffles, pancakes, etc is just silly, like people who do this are you that uninteresting and not genuine that you have to look for things to "copy/paste"

    Why can't you just be yourself. I say "hey" "what's up" to friends all the time, that's how we talk. I've never in my life gotten a text or silly things like the ones you have in that graph. A stupid question may get you a response back but it doesn't mean that conversation is more likely to lead to a date than "hey".

    9/10 times when a girl has messaged me on a dating site I'm able to get a date (and 10/10 times more than that) :) Very rarely does it go bad. In marketing there is a term they like to use "call to action" it's a part of a website usually that makes people do something (can be as simple as signing up for a newsletter, or just joining the site, donate). The problem guys have is there's 2-3x the amount of guys on a site vs girls. Messaging girls is an exercise in futility. I won't go over any more than that because I don't want people using my ideas, you gotta do what works for you. If that means talking about Netflix or Avocado or discussing Pancakes or waffles then enjoy it.

    This is just in general not saying you did any of those things.
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  • Saoirse_Nua
    That is good, it seemed to be a constructive/positive experience for you - I must admit I am surprised I thought it would go downhill really fast for you with creeps
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    • Luci92

      Thanks! So did I tbh, I think lowering my expectations so much helped though ahah.

    • @Luci92 so your expectations was too high to begin with, is that what you mean?

    • Luci92

      @SpinningDude69 nooooooo?

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  • Chico_brah
    It's a good thing you didn't match with me. I probably would of left you with PTSD.
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  • pervertedjester
    Good take but why were you looking for a random hook-up? :p
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    • Luci92

      *bangs head against wall* :P

  • coolbreeze
    Sounds like it was a fun learning experience It seemed overwhelming with so many matches you got and comments. Everybody looks for different things on tinder. I have been hearing stories of people getting boyfriends and girlfriend's from tinder.
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    • Well, at the end of the day it's all about what you are expecting as well as the other person so because solely this app is for hook-ups it doesn't mean you can't get a relationship out from it :P

    • coolbreeze

      @SpinningDude69. Yeah that is true

  • RedVulcan
    I guess I should've seen this coming. I tried the same thing a while back but my Facebook age was not false, so I couldn't sign up. I guess this article is insightful, but really if I tried it I wouldn't get many swipes because I'm terrible at taking photos or being photogenic. So the mytake might be insightful but also not really useful.
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  • SlightlyCrazy
    Non of this is suprising
    If your hot as fuck (you are) you get shut loads of attention
    If not
    Even a decent looking guy is screwed on there
    Decent women though and she'll be fine
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  • OrdinaryGentleman
    I think i had my profile out for a month, a guy with features such as mine got not even one swipe right.
    ehh... the experience was certainly lackluster.
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    • Luci92

      Yeah it's actually terrible for guys

    • I don't know why i have childish features but my young face certainly was a defining factor as to why it didn't work... or so said a few gals.

    • Luci92

      Ahh okay... now I wanna see a pic of you :P

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  • Rawrzz
    I'm not fond of the flower crown and dog nose and such filters, either. I've fucked around on hot or not, and I see a lot of girls with those filters, basically completely covering their face. Why? Sorta defeats the purpose.

    Women, like, never message guys on those apps. It's astoundingly rare. Guess they have their hands full juggling all the messages they get from guys.

    Ah yeah. The 10 guy who is so hot, even I'm like daaaaaayum got 28 messages out of ~209 matches, so even guys who are like 7s or 8s are barely going to get any messages. Then just average guys will never get any messages.

    Surprisingly, the majority age of consent in the U. S. is 16. Only 10 states have it set as 18. I never knew this. I always thought it was 18 across the board. Although, it is still illegal to film anyone naked below 18.

    As long as you don't get any guys in trouble, *shrug*.
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    • "Surprisingly, the majority age of consent in the U. S. is 16. Only 10 states have it set as 18. I never knew this. I always thought it was 18 across the board"

      ^^ if either person crosses a state border, it's 18 (= the federal age of consent) no matter what -- even if it's a border between two states that *both* set an age below 18. fucked up huh?

    • Luci92

      lmao that is fucked

    • Rawrzz

      @redeyemindtricks fuuuucked up. That would be an ironic trip to prison.

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  • Terrell456
    You're 17. Why are you Tinder in the first place? Not only that but you can get men in serious trouble for that.
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    • Luci92

      Really? I think I realised that. If you've only come here to scold me, I'd rather not hear it thanks.

  • Abe90
    I swiped right on my tinder seeing this girl from before, but I forgot about her. What I didn't realize was that, she was in my morning class at my university. I had a group project the with her in class the day before we were matched on tinder. I sent her a message to see if it was her from my class. I guess she got embarrassed and changed her like to dislike. Not awkward at all
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  • stanhelsing
    Guh. Tinder. Sigh. I tried that because some people recommended it. Never again. Not only is the app harder to use than it used to be, the darn thing won't let me set distance and I get paired with women that are really too far away. Secondly, the majority of the conversations I start never go anywhere. If you are going to swipe right could they do a fella a favor and actually have a conversation?
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  • colourz
    Check that female privilege, omg I'm getting so many matches poor me what ever shall i do.

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    • Luci92

      Sorry if it came off thay way.

  • Library
    Ugh my tinder experience was awful. I got matched with some of the girls at my high school (ew). Overall the girls were not interested or wanted a hook up...
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    • Did you talk to the people from high school?

    • Well, they basically mad an account there just to fuck around and not for any actual purpose really, quite many people do it.

    • The other thing is why did you swiped on the girls you knew were in your high school? Like really? You swiped on them and complain about it... O_o...

  • Cosytoasty
    Question did you read any of the profiles, or was it purely down to pictures for your swiping?
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    • Luci92

      Nah I did read the profiles actually, although most of them were one liners or just had a snapchat username.

    • Cosytoasty

      Ahh I see, possibly be due to your age range you set then 😂. I was thinking how does she have time to read the profiles, the ones I swiped on were right up to the character limit for most of them. It seems girls actually take time to fill it out lol.

      Anyway, it's not all doom and gloom for a guy if you actually sound like you have your life together. I got my fair share of matches too. Interesting take from a young lady's perspective ✌️️.

    • Luci92

      That's cool! And thank you :)

  • bloodmountain1990
    I've had lots of tinder dates. Most of them were just hookups or flings. Only one who wanted a relationship was very clingy and wouldn't let me have my own life. Wasn't gonna put up with that.
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    • Only one who wanted a relationship was very clingy and wouldn't let me have my own life. Wasn't gonna put up with that.

      That's why the communication is very important when it comes to online dating :P

    • @SpinningDude69 Agreed. I told her that and she still didn't listen.

    • @bloodmountain1990 Agreed. I told her that and she still didn't listen.

      LOL, did she stalked you?

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  • TripleAce
    Boys pay attention

    Look at this chick. Average at best. Complaining how message content. Can't even keep up with all the 'dings'. 155 matches and 40 convos going on. All while average at best and 17-18 lol

    Keep that in mind. Now you see whyt their mind's are literally in the gutter and why dating for guys can be so difficult sometimes

    my personal response to you about 'hi' like he doesn't know you. Don't always expect some witty message. Say hi back and maybe he will say something else interesting
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    • Luci92

      I do always say hi back, I responded to every message I got.

  • Robertcw
    The gender disparity on the app is quite crazy. That video is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

    Still that guy has more than enough options. With 200+ matches. The amount of matches women have is 700+. Wow.

    Crazy. That’s wildly competitive. Stressful, even.
  • Spermdumster666
    Lets face it if you need Internet dating to get a date your in trouble.
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  • Bandit74
    I don't think I would want to look for a serious girlfriend on Tinder. Also, I figure girls primarily send nudes and hookup with the best looking guys (6ft tall, muscular, masculine chisled face) and then give the "I am only interested in a serious relationship" line to everyone else.

    To make matters worse, girls get way more messages which gives them a significant advantage. Its kinda similar to the dynamic between employers and recent graduates. Even average looking girls will have lots of interested canidates so they can just sit back and expect the guy to put forth most of the effort in starting the conversation, keeping it flowung, and trying to impress her more tgan she is trying to impress him. I also doubt guys judge girls' responses as critically as girls judge theirs.

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  • tyber1
    Tinder can be brutal as a guy. Not for people with low self esteem.
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    • Did she tried to choke you with a garrote or something? 😂

    • tyber1

      @SpinningDude69 no, why would you even suggest something so stupid? I'm talking about the likelihood of getting swiped back, the the frequency which women stop messaging you with, the difficulty with convincing a woman to meet up with you.

    • @tyber1 As you didn't notice the emoji, I was joking. ehh, people on the internet...

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  • Scrambledagain
    I'm going to do a tinder experiment too;) I feel too old though so let's see.
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    • well mate, you will have all this fresh meat throwing at yourself so definitely worth a try, especially at your age ;)

    • @SpinningDude69 thanks man. I actually want to take her numbers and see it compared to mine. But I know I will get smashed but I want to do a take on it too. Just to show it. It will be fun.

  • GoldCobra
    I've been using my tinder swiping right on almost everyone for 3 months now and I have 0 matches.
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    • Unfortunately online dating is hard for dudes. :( I think I'm pretty meh but I still got matches. I did it for an experiment then deleted my account. I explain that in my comment that it's hard for dudes.

    • GoldCobra

      @RainbowFanGirl 😞😞😞😞

    • Ikr :( I feel bad tbh

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  • AlwaysBelieving
    Glad you had fun with the experiment. I'm glad that I don't have social media other than LinkedIn
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  • MaLifeBeLikeOooAaah
    I used it for a while, just didn't see the point in it.
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  • yotes-of-472
    Did you want a man to date there or was it just a trial test type thing?
  • Adigelunar
    Good post++
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  • Jude_Wills
    You study so much in very short time 👍
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  • Flow_like_the_wind
    Pretty interesting.
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