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Two months on Badoo, Tinder and Lovoo - What I've taken away for myself [online dating]


I spent a lot of time on Badoo, Tinder and Lovoo these past few weeks and want to share my stunning and interesting findings with you.

I chatted in German, my mother tongue, at least 95% of the time, but I believe that my experiences can also be applied to the US (where most users of G@G are from) and other countries.

Photo by Scott Broome on Unsplash, represents a third/fourth date
Photo by Scott Broome on Unsplash, represents a third/fourth date


Why I used Badoo, Tinder and Lovoo: They simply are the apps where you find the most people in Central Europe in my experience.

I only started using my own pictures after two to three weeks. I used my friend's pictures with her consent for the first couple of weeks.

Statistics may lie
Statistics may lie

This graph applies to the states - it is not applicable in Central Europe. In Austria, Germany and Switzerland, very few people use Tinder and it is much easier to find someone on Badoo (though in CH and AUT there still is a lot of stigma when it comes to online dating in my opinion).

#1 Using online dating apps as a female is completely overwhelming

I think men completely underestimate how many likes and matches somewhat attractive women get on these apps. I used very old (my face hasn't changed that much ever since I'm 14) and in my opinion ugly pictures, but I was still overwhelmed with the response I got.

On some days, I got more than 1000 likes, while on others, I got 200, while 100 men visited my profile and 50 contacted me.

I loved using Badoo's automatically generated first messages ("hello + name of user + 'how are you' or something similar"), but some men were offended that I didn't send them a voice note right away or that I didn't invest that much time when I didn't know anything about them yet.

#2 Verifying your profile on Badoo is stupifyingly easy

I used a friend's (blonde, 26) pictures the first two weeks I used these online dating apps but was still able to verify my profile with my face (brunette, 18). This shocked me and made me lose trust in Badoo.

#3 Everyone lies a little, but men are fairly honest

I can only talk about myself here, I told everyone within the first five messages that the woman in my pictures was my friend, and

#4 I got much fewer dick picks than anticipated

I think this is mainly because people are too ashamed to send nudes when someone knows their face.

This was certainly a very pleasant surprise.

Schnipp, Schnapp, Pimmel ab!
Schnipp, Schnapp, Pimmel ab!

#5 Most men want sex but are not open about it

It was only after I told them that I wouldn't engage in sexual relations before marriage that some men told me they didn't want to continue talking to me.

#6 Not all men are assholes, some are genuinely nice

This one really shouldn't be a surprise. I love men. I love women. Everyone's awesome.

I dont think this is true (coming from a tall woman)
I don't think this is true (coming from a tall woman)

Source of graph: https://www.freedating.co.uk/dating-profile-attributes-vs-first-date-outcomes.html

If you want to read more about my encounters, the men I've met or ask questions about this topic, please read this take, where I go into more detail about that.

Did you enjoy reading my perspective on online dating?

What are your experiences when using Badoo, Tinder or Lovoo?

Have you ever met someone you met online in real life?

Two months on Badoo, Tinder and Lovoo - What I've taken away for myself [online dating]
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Most Helpful Guys

  • MannMitAntworten
    I HATED online dating. Most will never read what you write and the few who will ignore what you say assuming they are the exception. No, they aren’t. In fact, it makes them that much more less appealing.

    Lying/misleading. Dear me that runs rapid with online dating. Hearing, “everybody does it” as a justification... is not a justification and again, makes them less appealing. Lie in one place and you will lie in other places of your life is what I know of human nature. Further, I NEVER once mislead anybody and in having met a few, they even made this observation, “you are exactly who you say you are.” and went as far as to recognize I was just the same offline as I an online. I am nothing if not consistent.

    I became friends with on from a singles site. This friendship was the only Thing I got from this net dating thing. In fact, we never really even began with interest, but more she just reached out being curious about my expense with the particular site. We just became friends from there, and not just ‘net’ friends but have often hung out and gone on adventures... and yes, she is quite attractive. We just have different paths and that is ‘okay’. In fact, she is now married and we still keep in touch.

    Well, that was net dating for me. A mountain of bullshit and one friend from the experience.
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    • I am so sorry about your experience. I also try to be myself online, as this makes meeting someone so much less awkward!!!

    • My biggest surprise was meeting a 38 year old who was actually “60”. It was the first time I heard the words, “everybody lies online...” I don’t. So not everybody.

      Anyway, that was beyond odd.

    • OH MY that is horrible!!! How can you lie like that? I'm 100% honest, but there's topics I don't talk about online.

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  • TheCuriousDude
    I’ll sum up dating websites/apps for everyone... Hot guys are on there to fuck, Hot girls are on there for validation, average girls are on their for validation, guys on there are desperate motherfuckers, 1% of decent looking girls on there are actually trying to find a relationship, those decent girls swipe right on the hot guys who want to fuck. Average guy gets more desperate because he doesn’t get many replies, hot guy gets more sexually frustrated because no one want to bang yet his getting a lot of matches, hot girl is now addicted because she just got 500 matches and so many guys are drooling over her, hot girl sends one word messages to them to lead them on so that she can keep the match, hot girl puts her Instagram bio in her bio to promote her page, in the end it’s a shitty spiral to no where... Go outside and start a conversation with a human your results will be 100x better.
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    • LOL. Fairly accurate, though I will say that many average men also promoted their Instagram page on Badoo, despite Badoo explicitly stating that they do not want people to post their social media for their own safety.

    • This video is the perfect illustration of that. Look at the girls face when she gets so many more matches than her boyfriend in the experiment. You can almost see her ego growing in real time...


    • Meant to post the actual video, but posted a long winded analysis of it by mistake... oh well.

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Most Helpful Girls

  • BlackAfrican
    For me, I don't trust dating app that much... You don't get to see serious people on it, most of the people using it wants to get something or dupe someone not for a true purpose. I have try using some dating apps to get a boyfriend but it ends with the males sending me nudes and asking me to send them money. I don't trust dating apps, I believe what will happen will happen. And I can find true love anywhere but if you feel like you need friends and attention, you can use the apps for fun. But I am strongly against the idea of finding true love on Dating app.
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  • FictionalCharacter
    It’s nice you got a good experience with online dating in Europe. But it’s not exactly the same here in western country. Just disrespectful men with baggage and rudeness.
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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Searlas
    I can tell you this for free, dating sites are a waste of time, especially for men. I have been there. Why are people on dating sites?

    1) Looking for that person you consider to be extra ordinary than the people you meet in real life, - I was looking for a loving woman with blue, grey or green eyes.

    2) For money, just like in other social sites, beautiful women and socialites are about being noticed by rich men in pretense of finding some love. Too bad, rich men aren't on dating sites, they already have enough women drooling around them without the need to go online. There are many fake profiles with stolen photos, people trying to scam you.

    So, genuine people on dating sites are looking for what is unavailable and technically impossible. For instance, I was on the net looking for a model like woman but the available model likes considers me to be some piece of shit and broke, whereas those women who consider me to be handsome and wants me. I don't consider them beautiful and attractive, so online dating is a game of mismatches, ghosting, scammers, cons and thieves, also going in circles and shit.
    • I have blue eyes, I don't think that's why I got that many likes though.

      I find this to be very untrue. I met quite a number of men that were well off on these sites who could prove it too. I don't care about money though, I'll make enough money on my own later on.

    • Searlas

      Blue eyes are magnificent. Show me please, I wouldn't mind a glance.

      I understand there is a few genuine women, 1 in a hundred on a higher side. Most are after financial gateway. Our experiences definitely differ considering you are a woman and am a man. There are more genuine men than women. Scientifically, when any adult woman leaves the house in the morning, by evening there is at least there were 5 men flirting or trying to seduce her. women naturally attracts men irrespective whether they are introverted or extroverted. So women have higher chances of meeting someone even without going to a dating site. I am an introvert, i hate crowds, also, i am not comfortable flirting to any women like most men do. So, its harder for me meeting the woman of my dreams, that's is why I went online because I mingle with few people in real life.

  • My experience with online dating?

    look up on YouTube the video called "woman tries being a man in tinder" and check out the video tinder experiment. You'll see how online dating works for us men.

    it's as effective as not using online dating.
    • It should be added that there are way too many men on there and way too few women.
      I tried matching with everyone to give everyone a shot, but my inbox was ridiculously full...

    • Unit1

      Right. We get like 3 matches in a day if we are at least attractive looking.

    • poneglyphs

      @Unit1 this was a really cool video.

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  • hellacray
    I don't see what's so surprising about not sending dick pics. Most men don't send dick pics I think only teens do that which is weird.

    And not all men only want sex. They just know they don't want to wait until marriage. So.. of course guys would not be interested if you let them know you wanted to wait until marriage.

    Do a lot of women do this? Like they go on dating apps not to look for dates, but just to dick around with these "experiments?"
    • As I wrote in another one of my takes, I have received dick pics by men way older than you too.
      I also agree that not all men only want sex ;)

      I'm not dicking around, if you read my other take (https://www. girlsaskguys. com/dating/a63343-two-months-on-badoo-tinder-lovoo-the-men-i-met), you'd know that I'll meet at least one of the men I met on Badoo.

      I could go on ten nice dates, but I don't like being invited and having men spend money on me, hence I am very careful about who I allow to date me.

    • hellacray

      Well I'd didn't say no man would ever send dick pics. Just most wouldn't do it.

      And you know you could always split the bill or hell you can take him out on a date..

  • CT_CD
    "I think men completely underestimate how many likes and matches somewhat attractive women get on these apps."

    I think most men realize how easy it is for the average woman to get lots of matches. It's the opposite for the average guy.
  • Tobi_Lerone
    I think is what you can expect from most of the dating sites. There enough assholes but there are some nice people to meet. Some things are more easy online and many people are more openminded there (what I experienced so far)

    Besides: this picture is horrible 🤣
    • I am aware ;) Nonetheless, I wanted to include a funny picture because I cockblocked quite a number of men and this is the picture I have to think of whenever I tell someone I'm not dtf.

    • Haha okay then the picture is quiet accurate :D nice one^^

  • It's nice that men are better than given credit for but it is so... Frustrating how easy it is for a girl to get people reaching out to her... I spend two months being active on a dating site and had one... One... One... Just one! Girl message me which led to her ghosting quickly after... Like i said... So frustrating...

    But thank you for sharing your experience and research with us
  • DavidHart
    So nice being a girl..
    Whereas me, spent around 2 weeks on 3RDER,
    i received not even a single LIKE.
    i must be that ugly..
    • I think it has something to do with age too. I didn't text men above 32, simply because I don't want to fall for someone above 32 again.
      I'm 18. Imagining that I was older, I believe I wouldn't have gotten quite as many likes...

    • DavidHart

      Noted. Thanks.
      i hope Dragon Ball exist.

  • Truthatanycost
    As long as men continue to be desperate and thirsty, nothing will ever change. In fact, things will only get worse!
    • Don't be so pessimistic hun

    • Unit1

      Just give them access to cleaning water and half of the problem is solved.
      It's not like they drink only Mountain Dew.

    • Unit1

      Clean drinking water*

  • bluetoblack99
    I do appreciate you giving some positive feedback about guys.

    The reason we are “not open” about wanting sex is because women have conditioned us to be like that. When we are open we run a huge risk of being labeled creeps. So easy to turn off a woman instantly if you make just one wrong sexual remark. If it wasn’t for that female paranoia complex more guys would be honest early. Trust me.

    But about it “being overwhelming and getting so likes”. Most women have zero idea of how much power they have here. Absolutely positivity none. It’s the exact opposite for most guys. Just acknowledge your huge privilege there.
    • That's not true. Nothing of what you say is true. If you can't be open about sex it's because you ARE a creep. That's where that female paranoia has it roots. Creeps, pervs, psycho's crawling up their legs demanding sex, boyfriends who abuse them, or even family members getting their way. You dropping in with 'one wrong sexual remark' expecting a positive response... Coul you please pump some blood back to your brain? You basically said 'if women would agree to sex, we wouldn't lie about it'. That's disgusting. You don't get that, do you? But it truly is. And then you take it even further and victimize yourself 'and the guys' for treating women like absolute shit and denying the reality they have to live in. The one you helped to create. And now you can't get laid. Poor thing.

    • @303savedmylife Thank you for your lovely response, you actually managed to capture very nicely one of the problems women face.
      However, my experiences have been and continue to be very positive because I strive to surround myself with men who have great energy!

    • “Lovely response”. Okay. Glad he told you want you want to hear.

      I don’t “hide” wanting sex. But I’m not going to be like “okay first I want to take you to dinner, walk around a bit, then invite you to my place and then tear off your clothes” when I first start talking to a girl. She knows I’m interested in being more than friends if I’m asking her to hang out one on one.

      Don’t play dumb.

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  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us, I never met anyone off the Internet my cousin had a few bad experiences with Men she attempt to meet offline but she made it I used the phone chatline to try meeting a Woman but this girl I met came to meet me wow she was a real winner and I was thankful she didn't get me and her in a vehicle accident but I don't do much Internet dating or going on Apps just cause I always fall victim of being Catfished.
  • Jltakk
    As much as it sucks, and I'm sure it does, but I can't shake the sentence of "at least she HAS likes in that span of time" out of my head when I read stuff like this.
    • I understand. It mainly is because I'm female and because I'm still young - if I was 40, I wouldn't have gotten as many likes as I did...

  • scarlett774
    I probably won’t seriously try dating apps when I turn 18, the whole concept kinda scares me, but I know a lot of people who have met the love of their life on dating apps. I just don’t think my soulmate will be on an app Lmaoo. But I probably get tinder for fun
  • JSmith925
    I found your article interesting but what really stood out was your command of English. If German is your mother tongue, you must have been raised with English as well or you have had a great deal of formal training.

    Kudos to you Miss Polyglot!

    • JSmith925

      @LeanaOmga I think you misunderstood me. I was complimenting you on your command of English. I am not interested in porn.

    • Thank you so much for your sweet response! Appreciated it very much

  • Slim57
    1 is correct I'm completely aware, even less than average women get triple as many likes as men, anyway my experience I've used them for YEARS and only ever met 2 women. If you're an average or below average guy in South East US don't waste your time.
    • I've met hundreds of women from dating sites over my last 10 years using them but the number of those in the last 2 years it's about 5.

  • thedevilsrip
    Honestly I tried online dating and it didn't get me anywhere because you have to pay to pretty much not get a response and for bots to spam you
    I never liked either. They turned out to be people trying to scam me out of my money.
    • That sucks. I'm sorry this happened to you.

    • That's ok. In fact the friends i made here are the first real people i was able to talk to in such a long time.

  • genericname85
    for #1, you wouldn't believe how much of an opposite that is for men xD

    but you seem to have a very balanced and fair way of looking at things.
    • @EvaaBurger yeah see that's what i mean. that's the only sort of attention men get. scammers that want their money.

  • Rizwan_khan
    I have enjoyed to read your experience on badoo Or other online Dating. No have not dated online yet but want to you can date me if you want I just want to talk. If you want to talk 🙂
  • Fromdusktilldawn
    As a guy chances are so low to be successful on dating sites
  • StylesbyDR
    Too me dating apps are a waste of time. Men will rarely ever have women seek them out. Women get bombarded with likes, dms, etc because men are making an effort to find someone. Women automatically assume the worst. Dating apps and social media give tons of women huge egos as if their some how to good for most people. Women set unrealistic high standards for men, who don't even care about taking professional level photos and having a huge social media presence or following. Basically women want a perfect man cut from stone looking like a god who can give them anything they desire.

    Honestly if a women can't find a partner their not trying, cause there are men who like women for any shape or size imaginable.
    • bobalife

      I hear your frustration on women, but I would have to disagree with you generalizing all women as this and as if it is so easy to seek a partner. Not everyone is about just looks, perfect picture, and gaining egos. Compatibility is hard to find and most guys on dating apps aren't actually looking for something serious. I hear more women having difficulty with that instead and speaking from my own experience.

  • mrgspoter
    I don't know but it's diffrent for women I suppose I don't put my pic up or I get too many messages etc it surprised me how little self respect some females have on there was much more than I expected
    Q - Q interesting perspective... i've spent some time on badoo last year and generated very little interest
  • Kitty46
    I was on 3 dating apps, Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge & Badoo, I deleted Hinge, no luck. I had some luck with Coffee Meets Bagel & Badoo. I met a man on Coffee Meets Bagel, we talked on the chat on the dating app, he was so nice & polite, we started texting on WhatsApp, I deleted Badoo. Me & the guy met 9 days ago, we been taking things slowly, taking our time getting to know each other. This never happened to me before, other men always in a hurry. This guy is sooo different, it feels like we know each other longer like 3 or 4 weeks, we both feel this way & we connected easily. The best part is, he keeps coming back. I guess it’s rare to find a great & real guy. My mom met her boyfriend online, they met in a Yahoo chat room, he moved with his daughter from NJ to California to be with my mom. I guess I finally got lucky too, I been doing dating sites & apps for around 15 years.
  • shepardmaddison
    Sehr gute Zusammenfassung 😊
  • Kaylaw01
    Very detailed experience. Awesome writer. I'm xper Level 1. Please text me. Let's discuss more. Thanks.
  • hi_it_is_me123
    Do people really think they can meet their dream partner through online dating apps
    • For some people initiating human interaction can only be done online... I literally am busy with work minimum 70 hours a week... on a busier week up to 98 hours/week. Then I also need sleep so Assuming 6-8 hours 112-154 hours per week between work and sleep I’m busy... heads up there’s only 168 hours in a week... I also have other responsibilities that take from my remaining time... add in a graveyard shift and ya... good luck me.

    • How are going to have a time for a partner, if you are that busy and can't even have time for yourself

    • How much time am I supposed to set aside for a partner each week?

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  • ChocoBrownieMonster
    Which do you think is the best app/dating site?
    • Definitely not Tinder. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, It's OkCupid or Badoo as you get tons of interaction on there whereas there's few people on Tinder in this region...

    • interesting, well in the UK tinder has many but are absolutely no one that i would even consider approaching in public.

    • Oh wow lol :D

  • I use pof but its full of timewasters
  • Anonymous
    I'm not sure where to start but I'm from the U. S. I don't know about Badoo or Lovoo. But I have used Tinder starting early to mid twenties before it became big. Initially, I didn't know it was a hookup app unfortunately LOL! I'm sure everyone feels a little good when you get matches or good looking/potentials likes you. At a young age, I was there just for fun swipes and validation. I only ever had few decent conv that wasn't about hook up related. I am sure it is a low percentage of guys on there that looks for relationships but there are people I know who has found love through it, fortunately (and yes they are pretty good looking since people complained about looks a lot on here). I also found it awful that people who are taken... are on Tinder which I tell my friends if those were their men.
    In general with dating apps - Bumble, OKC, Tinder, CMB, or Hinge. I consider myself an average looking girl, but I still have many likes or matches. I know OKC I have 1k+ likes, but I don't know about other apps cuz I don't pay for it. When I was in a phase of really tryna date or get to know people, I was probably talking to at least 8+ guys on each app that I would be active on. It was super exciting yet overwhelming. I typically have a hard time swiping right on people, but I also didn't want to keep swiping either because how do you really keep up with that? I would get really busy with work and other parts of my life. Eventually, I decreased the number from big to small on purpose because I don't have that much time to get to know so many and I rather build an authentic connection. Most of the time, it is also hard when I don't reply back to guys fast enough and they will just get offended, demanding, or a lot of the time unmatch me thinking I might have ignore/ghost them. But I do appreciate the ones who were patient, understanding, and kind about it as I would with them. I usually tell a guy whats up if I don't see it going somewhere, but one day this one guy took it so badly where he unmatched me in a second... I felt kinda hurt when I was trying to be honest and respectful. Most guys complained girls will ghost w/o explanation thats why and I felt like I would want an explanation too. But guys ghost all the time too lol. I decided I won't do that anymore unless it depends on what we built and the conversation. Even if you have matches, not everyone will initiate a conversation - the conversation was very poor - it may or may not go anywhere - it feels like a lot of guys are looking for the next best thing since dating apps we have so much options if you keep swiping right.
    • Anonymous

      As for dates, I think it just kind of sucks that sometime you think you build a really good connection on text or phone calls... but the connection isn't as strong in-person because he doesn't seem like all he seemed to be or it just wasn't there... A lot of the guys I did went on a date with actually looked way cutier or hotter in-person haha. Some guys aren't the best at taking photos and some are really good at it haha. There are also really hot or below average looking guys on apps that really just want a hook up. I do exp a lot of that actually. Younger me would be turned off by it, but current me appreciate when someone is honest on what they are looking for to see if you both are on the same page. But I do get turned off when someone comments or asked for nudes. I feel like from experience, no matter what app I used, it is actually harder to find guys who are using it for actual relationship-seeking than mostly something casual. Guys tend to be fast on wanting to meet up too. But I don't think they realized that girls we want that communication and connection build-up. There are some good dates, bad dates, and awk dates haha. I tried to go on dates that is worth while though. Unfortunately, it has been hard to find a good connection, good conversation, or someone genuine though. So it is fun yet gets really disappointing too. This is my sum of my online dating experience.

  • Anonymous
    In my experience these apps are good for getting laid but not for finding a wife or husband.

    The majority of women on these apps are below average looking with entitled attitudes of super models. (Make that make sense) Usually they are riddled with emotional or mental problems as well as kids.

    Also as some other men have said tons of catfish, and spam bots, sugar babies, failed prositutes and cam girls. ** News flash ** not everyone needs a Onlyfans page.
  • Anonymous
    By the time you hit dating app everyone apparently has kids and a divorce. Glad I was a slut early on so at least I can pretend to have something to be happy about