10 Reasons You Don't Need A Man

Being single doesn't always have to be a bad thing. Check out some reasons why you don't need a man!

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10 Reasons You Don't Need A Man

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You get to do whatever you want whenever you want and you don't have to answer to anybody.

Me Time

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When you spend less time on a significant other, and more time on you; there's opportunity for hobbies, hanging out with friends, and overall personal development. Self reflection and working on you is always a blessing.

No Sharing

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When you're single, you don't have to share with anybody.

No Shaving

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You don't need to groom downstairs or shave your legs because nobody is going to be feeling on you anyways.

No Impressing Parents or Friends

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When you don't have a boyfriend, you don't need to win over his parents or friends.

No Drama

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Most men have excess baggage and issues you don’t really need in your life. No need for the endless text arguments, insecurities, or Facebook stalking when you don't have a man!

Granny Panties

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Cute underwear isn't as comfortable as it looks. You get to wear your granny panties all day and all night long when you don't need your bottom to look cute!

Chick Flicks

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You get to watch all the chick flicks, romantic comedies, and marathons you want without judgement.

More Money

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Birthdays, dates, phone bills, etc., a boyfriend uses up a lot of money. The money you don't spend on a man you can either save or spend on something for yourself.

The Best Is Yet To Come

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Now I'm not saying to wait for prince charming, bit if you haven't met Mr. Right, there's hope, the best is yet to come! Just don't sit around waiting for him; live your life and he'll find you!


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  • also lesbianism,

  • Great take! Go girl! I mostly enjoy romantic comedies and marathons of my favourite girly shows. :D

  • I love ecards

  • Oh wow this is literally me! I love being single and not having to worry about a man I mean I'm 19 I get to deserve myself! I really enjoyed reading this!

  • I'm glad you enjoy being single, but I do need a man or at least I want one.

  • Totally agree being single is awesome.

  • I like your mytake I like being single because I can do my own thing I tried to date once online but I stoped because I thought reletionships would have been to hard on me so I dasided to try a frieandswithbenefits type thing with a guy online on the game imvu

    • I may regret asking, but how is it even possible to have friends with benefits online?

    • it's hard to exsplain see on the game imvu the avatars on that game get to go to sexy chatrooms were they get to have sex but friendswithbenefits means a guy and girl don't have the bf gf label and they don't have to deal with the drama of a reletionship and its were they get to have sex and some people on imvu look to have sex for fun others on that game look for a reletionship like dating and others just look for friends but regular friends but not a friendswithbennifits

  • When I saw the title I said to myself "another bitter lonely woman". But the article is nice just a terrible title.

  • Although I know this post was in jest, I have to say...

    As a single girl:
    - I still shave my areas. Its gross not to.
    - I don't have as much money because I now have to pay for everything myself.
    - I wouldn't wear grannies, I like my seamless V. S. boycuts and so does my guy.
    - I would still have drama, since most of the drama I seem to have comes from other females in my life.

    As a girl in a relationship:
    - I can still hang out with my friends, have me time, watch chick flicks without judgement.

    The best is not yet to come. Believing that there is always something better will end up leaving you alone and miserable way past your prime.

    But yeah, haha funny post. ;)