Year 7 girl really cute, I'm in year 9.?

I'm a 14 year old guy in year 9 this year (Turning 15 in 3 months) and I've seen this girl in year 7 at recess and lunch at school, I don't know her personally and I haven't even heard her voice or spoken to her.
She always hangs around with one girl, her best friend I assume. The girl I'm talking about is really cute and seems shy. I just don't know how to go about talking to her and getting close to her, it'd be really awkward.

None of my friends know that I feel this way. You may just be thinking I want her for her looks, but I don't.
I think many girls my age looks 'hot' I guess you could say, but this feels different than just looking at someone and thinking they're hot.

The first time I seen her was in March or so this year, when I was in my plastics class (Elective I chose at school) and she was in Technology (Only class the Year 7s have in the Tech rooms). I noticed her when I was using the drills and she was staring at me through the window between the classrooms.
She stared at me heaps, my mates and I realised and I thought nothing of it, we made a bit of a joke out of it at the time, just for a laugh.
Another time my friends and I were sitting down outside at lunch time and the girl and her best friend walked past he she saw me and instantly went red and looked away.

So anyway, now you know the situation, What I'm asking of you guys (and girls?) is a nice way to go up and talk to the girl and her friend without it being extremely awkward and corny. By corny I mean something like going up to them and saying 'You're hot' or something stupid.


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  • You could try befriending one of her friends and it would give you a reason to associate with her one day when the friend is introducing you to her.

    But other than that, just find an excuse to say hello to her. Even when you are just walking past, raise your eyebrows slightly and she definitely will notice.

    You are still only in Yr 9. Even if you don't talk to her this year, who knows? You may see eachother at a party or run into her during a school sports carnival or something. You can't force a friendship to happen, things like that happen naturally.

    I hope this helped somewhat.

    • Thanks for the advice.
      The problem is I have no reason to talk to her, since we have no classes.

    • No problem. I thought that would be the case. Just you never know what is going to happen. Just whenever this is an opportunity to talk to her, take it and don't let fear stop you!

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  • Just come up to her and act cool. Ask her if she knows anyone called Oscar in her year (just random but rare name) and then ask for her name. Introduce yourself and say "it was nice to meet you. See ya!" And walk away.
    After that just smile to her when you see her and wave. talk to her about random things and ask her opinions. Compliment her and be nice.

    • That's actually a nice idea, I might try that :)

    • Heh we are year 9 mates so go for it 😉

  • Just go up and talk to her. I'd recommend becoming friends and getting to know each other first. Compliments right off the bat, especially from someone you don't quite know yet, could be a bit much.


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  • You need to figure out a way to establish initial connection without it seeming obviously abrupt. Example, back when I was 17, there was a girl I wanted to talk to, but I just didn't know how to approach in any way (she was a classmate, but a transfer student, so that made it things slightly more and less complicated at the same time). So when we were waiting in line for lunch (because there was quite a large line), she by coincidence ended up standing in line really close, right behind me I think. And then I just started some chatter about "what a shame it is that we got here late and now we have to wait, also I don't think we've talked yet, hi" and then just converse from there.

    The important part is that you need the right chance to say something, but you can always help try create a similar scenario. Just make sure it isn't just waltzing up to her and be like "heyyy grrrlll I saw yer face across ze window and I found that you are sexier than a mug!" that doesn't really work, especially at your age.

    I hope this advice helps, but don't wait for too long. Find a common point, start talking about it, maybe help her with homework if she's stuck (that's how I got to know my current girlfriend :p), or if really nothing else works, say that you have two tickets to a cinema and you can't find anyone to go with, but that seems silly. I just don't think letters of interest without establishing connection would be the proper way of doing things, because even though it might seem tempting and "romantic", it's actually quite creepy to see someone's "feelings for you" if you haven't even talked to them before.

    LONG STORY SHORT: Find a common point at which establishing connection would seem natural, and use your awesomeness to carry on from there. I know you can do it.