Put my arm around my date, but no reaction?

We were sitting eating icecreams together when I put my arm around her shoulder.

Might I add that when I wanted to pay for the icecream she said "I'll pay for it" and then after I objected, she paid for it anyway, so I thanked her and told her I'd pay the next time.

I was expecting some sort of reaction, but when it didn't happen for around 20 seconds I figured it was a bad sign.
So I stood up trying to play it off.

Was it a bad sign?

On the one hand she let me put my arm around her, but on the other hand she didn't react at all.

Already whatsapped her a bit, haven't asked for a second date yet.
But she seems positive (fast reactions, fun reactions).


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  • Hard to say, is she shy? Inexperienced with men? What exactly did you expect her to do, grab your crotch?

    • Well, we kissed a couple of days ago. That's why I wanted to go on a date with her.

      She is confident.

    • Well put it this way, she didn't move away so I think you are ok

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  • What are you expecting us to do when you put your arm around us? Maybe she's just shy.

    • Show some interest? Like at least lean into the person.

      But I guess I understand your point.

  • She might still be deciding how she feels about you. She doesn't want to reject you or lead you on at this point.

  • she's SHY! Dont worry too much! she's a strong woman. She wants you to know she holds her own. Or she feels shy and awkward for you to pay for her.. Wait a day and text her to go out again for dinner. And this time while she's not looking for in the bathroom pay for it!! ;) Always works...

  • i was awkward and unsure of how to react to that for a long time.

    • Even if you like him?

      And what else would you prefer then?

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    • holding my hand

    • Yea I did that briefly too haha :P

  • Did you do it awkwardly?

  • She could be shy and not know how to react to you.

    This guy did a similar thing to me and I didn't like him back and I kind of angled my body away a little until he stopped. It was a little awkward lol

    My point is that if she didn't want you touching her you would know. Even if she's being polite and doesn't want you to touch her (like I did with that guy) she will let you know through little things like body language

    • Yea, she thankfully didn't do that though.

    • I think you're good then!

    • Yea hehe. And if not, at least there is no awkwardness. So it's win-win! ;)

  • I never know how to react when guys do this.


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