Ladies please help, Why she texted back... yes sir?

Female I was close to things happened I stopped contacting her. During that time she was telling bestfriend how she think about calling and texting me. So after not texting her for 7 months I contacted her. We talked she texted paragraphs and told me how she been busy lately. This might be the reason she texts hours at a time. But I told her I miss her and I think our bond/friendship would be stronger now after the things we been through... all she texted back was "yes sir, are you doing alright" she confirmed he was right. But through text after I told her how good my life has been she seemed less interested. ... but what do you think about what I texted her and her reply?


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  • I think that she really didn't mean anything by the yes sir comment. After reading your post, I wouldn't say that she's a really close friend like that anymore. She's very into what she's doing right now. Maybe later on, once when she takes the initiative to contact you, she might seem a bit more interested in what's going on in your life.

    • She said something went on which is the reason why she didn't but when I first contacted her everything was normal. But she accepted my help to help her study for college test. I texted her a week later ivget flat responses instead of those long paragraphs she was doing at first.

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    • Lol I offered. She was telling me how busy her life is and everything the same. We was talking I didn't think she was going to accept because I thought she didn't want to hang out around me. But I know her lik sis who is out of town is graduation from high school tomorrow. She still doing online college for another month but I told her I graduated from my college things became weird. She started texting every other hour but maybe she's busy like she said she was but I guess I'm going to wait a week.

    • Yeah, just wait it out. She'll come around.

  • She's just trying to play with words and be cute about it

    • What you mean be cute about it? Like do she not feel the same or was she lying to my friend and me?

    • My brstfriend told me we just started back talking and she taking it slow trying to get things back to the way it was back then. Lol could that be true too?

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