Should I take a chance and ask her out?

Ok here's a quick overview of my relationship life.
I had a gf, the first and only one I've ever had, she used me and didn't appretiate me, she also verbally abused me, and i let it happen. it eventually ended. I lost a lot of confidence. but I've recently gained it back and truly realized that i deserve equality in a relationship.
i saw this girl at comic con, she seemed nice and she was really pretty. I invited her and everyone else that cosplayed from the same anime. we're all hangin out tomorrow. if i end up liking her personality as well, should i take a chance and ask her out?
check out my other posted questions to see what im like (except for the doubtful side because that has been vanquished)

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Well, I didn't ask her out because she was in front of all of her friends and I didn't want to pressure her. but i did get her Facebook and im gonna ask her tonight


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  • Well of course go for it! You have nothing to lose, right? :) If she says no, you can move on to the next girl and not waste time on her. If she says yes, well then it's a good start to something :)


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  • Go for it! The worst that could happen is she says no and thats not the end of the world.

  • What's the worse that can happen


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  • DO NOT ASK HER OUT THROUGH FACEBOOK, I REPEAT, DO NOT, DO NOT ASK HER OUT THROUGH FACEBOOK. If you can get her NUMBER through facebook, and CALL her and ask her out like that. Asking a girl out through text screams of lack of confidence and directness.

  • The answer is always yes.