I like a girl but im afraid she will reject me?

I never seen such a girl before. She's really hot and popular, i would say that she's the prettiest girl in the world, and she's so cute.
I had a crush on her for 1 year and a half now. Im always scared to confess. I am in the same class as her last year and this year too. We became a lot closer this year we always play fighting. We play fight alot.
A few classes i get to sit beside her, so I really look forward to that lesson all the time.
But i know she likes someone else. (Im assuming) A senior, who is popular and that made me really jealous. He is graduating this year while me and her, 2 more years.
She is also very close to a guy in my class and whenever i see them getting close, i get really really jealous. They will have heart to heart talks, and then even went shopping together.
She knows that i like someone in our class, and every time we play truth or dare, she will always ask me who it was.
It hurts to know that im not the one she like. Sometimes i go to sleep crying, because I know I can't get her.
Im afraid to confess because if she rejected me, lessons with her are going to be awkward. Plus im really really ugly. Which i am sure, she will not accept me. How can I get her attention more? She laughs at jokes that i made and even texted me for more jokes once.

Any advice? Appropriate answers please..


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  • Knock off the crying.
    You're already in a good position, she and you have fun together, she teases you sometimes.

    Do NOT (repeat) DO NOT tell her you love her or have a massive crush on her and have had for years.

    Ask her out on a date. That's it. And make it sound like the most casual thing in the world.

    If she says no, at least you know.

    It's just a date, you guys may not have real chemistry, she could realise you're a ball of insecurity... anything could happen. So stay calm, keep things cool and try to have fun.


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  • If you're so sure she's gonna say no, it's better to be the silent lover. :D

  • Regret trying more than not doing it. I'd try. At least there is a chance to stand next to her holding her hand.


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  • In my opinion you should tell her, even if you are ugly, that's not all of you, it seems to me she likes your personality.

    A great man (my grandfather) once said, It only takes 10 seconds of extreme courage to achieve succes, take your chance. If she doesn't feel like getting in to a relationship she will instantly friendzone you since she likes your personality, so I don't think class will get awkward, I think she'll even be glad to finally know who you are crushing on, but I think she knows since she keeps aksing ;)

    Good luck

  • What's better?

    A) To ask her out and get rejected.
    B) To never ask her out, watch her get with someone else and be left wondering what might have been if you had asked her out.

    I don't know about you but I'd take option A every single time.