What does it mean when I dream about my crush?

So I like this guy and he likes me back. But we have been having some problems lately. Anyways im afraid he won't take me back. So last night i dreamt about him. By the way this is not the first time i dreamt about him. Sometimes i dreamt about him when we werent having issues. So what does it mean to dream about my crush?


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  • Dreaming is simply a way of processing and compiling info for the brain
    Everything you think about and everything you expirance during a day will be dreamed about, however you are not supposed to rember dreams if you do (what is very normal) then. your brain sorta failed to forget it before you wake up (dreams often are remberd if you wake up during a dream)
    Anyway long story short it means nothing
    While ago I dreamed about my ex kissing some random dude, I was happy for her nothing more.
    Dreams don't mean anything and if they dl then I also need to know what a giant scorpion that can shoot lazers with it eyes and tail and shoots acid with its claws means


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  • It usually means I'm thirsty when I'm thinking about my crush...


    • thanks a lot u know i wanted a real answer and u gave me a joke. i dont find this funny

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    • What was the dream about if u don't mind me asking then I could give u a full answer

    • i just dreamt of my crush thats all i remember

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  • Dreams are just symbolic of what is going on in your subconscious mind. If you think about him at all, he could end up in your dreams, just as you cannot make up faces in dreams, every person you see in your dreams you have actually seen before (stranger on the street, person on tv, etc.). When you are experiencing things in real life it can translate differently in your dreams e. g. if you are stressed at school you may have a dream you're trapped or falling, etc. Everything relates back to how you really feel, but not always in the ways you'd think.