What does it mean having to dream of my crush wearing a t-shirt that is white in colour?

I had a crush on this guy, initially i thought he has feelings for me, but it turns he doesn't and he even rejected me. So just recently I confronted him and asked him whether does he had feelings for me, he said he never. Anyway, just after the confrontation that night i was so peaceful I had a beautiful dream - beautiful flitting beautiflies with all sizes and they are all violet in colour. Then I tried to look up in the internet for the meaning it says it means luck and transformation. Anyway two days later, even though I have forget about him, I suddenly have this dream at night where I just remembered vividly that he was wearing a white shirt. I know that the white colour certainly has to mean something, but don't really have idea what it means or implies... anyone can help? cause i tried to look into internet but still couldn't find a satisfactory answer to that.


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  • Google (dream moods dictionary) look up the colour white.. I use it all the time.

    • I have looked it up, but I don't think the meaning is relevant to my dream

    • Well reading your post and dream moods the colour. You consider your crush to be perfection. And considering that white also means clean blank slate, you probably have to have a "blank slate." start fresh, luck and transformation will happen, but unlikely with your crush.

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  • Some colors are dull when described, we are lucky when we get to see them as they change :)

  • That you li the Plain White T's... and probably have most of their albums


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  • It means that you see that person as holy. Violet color is also connected with spirituality.

    • Yeah, i think i saw some website comments say that it may mean that I look highly upon his personality. I know violet colour symbolises luck and hope. Anyway, thanks for your input..

  • It means that you're colour blind and have never noticed this till now.

    • Sorry never notice what til now? Never notice that he never had feelings for me? I dont think that's what it means because before that I had a nice dream the day I confronted him. If its on the same day then I would believe that would mean i am indeed was colour blind..

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    • Yeah.. i appreciate your comment, but your comment is very hurtful, very curious to know as to what makes you said what you have said..

    • Sorry, it wasn't meant to be hurtful.

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