My crush told me he had a dream about me. What does it mean?

Today my crush and i were sitting in maths class and he told me that he had a dream about me. I was shocked to hear that.
He said that we dreamt of us talking and then him dropping me off on his bike. Sounds like a pretty normal one. But then he added a detail saying that after dropping me off he was himself and my ex (i don't have good relations with him obv) sitting in a room and my ex was upset with him for being so close and friendly with me and then they had a fight. My crush told my ex to not interact with him because it pisses him off. And then that was it. That was the dream.
We became friends this year only and weren't very close in the start, we were very casual. I felt like he didn't care about my existence much beacuse he's very extroverted and has that golden retriever energy.
But this dream of his got me thinking. He has flirted with me 2-3 times but i took them lightly, as a joke.
What does this mean? I told my friends about that dream and they said that when you think about a person all day long only then you get a dream about that person. But I'm not sure, i feel like it was just very random. I'm pretty confused about what to conclude. Any views upon this?
My crush told me he had a dream about me. What does it mean?
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