Girls talking to multiple guys?

Girls do you talk to multiple guys at once when really you are interested in only one? Like do you talk to another guy to get certain guys attention? This girl I like and I have been chatting for a while now and I can tell she's into me too. The thing is lately I've noticed she flirts with my friend in front of me and lately has been walking and talking with him now that I've been ignoring her because I don't like to be made jealous.


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  • If she's single then she can do as she pleases, you acting butt hurt only serves to give her red flags about your immaturity and your potential possessive behavior.


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  • I talk to multiple guys at once when I'm single. She doesn't belong to you just because she talks to you and you like her. I wouldn't talk to guys that were friends because that seems like a lot of tension.

  • If I'm not in an exclusive relationship then yes I will talk to multiple guys


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  • There are women out there that enjoy the thrill of playing mind games to spur a jealous reaction from the man they desire, but that doesn't necessarily apply in your case. Based on the very little details you've provided, her motive is not certain and your assumptions could be misguided.

    One of the following may be true:
    1. She's a natural chatter that sees you both as friends.
    2. She approached you in order to get closer to him.
    3. She's trying to force your hand by making you assert yourself.

    I'm leaning towards #1 because she's clearly emotionally unattached to you in the same way you have attached yourself to her. When you ignore her or act strange, she backs off rather than expresses concern for your behavioral changes. This could be due to not caring or giving you space to sort yourself out. Someone who cared on a deeper level would not alienate you or be deterred, rather they would attempt to remedy the issue or at the very least express sympathy. That could certainly validate #2 in a way but you've not provided enough information for me to speculate that much. #3 is the least likely, which isn't what you want to read but it's the truth and it's better to face the truth than to deny it. Hopefully this helps.

    • Left out tons of details for sure, but thanks for taking a stab at it.