Should I tell my girlfriend I'm bicurious?

I've been dating my girl for 4 years and honestly I want to marry her. She's perfect for me. Only one issue: I'm insanely bicurious. I never had a chance to try getting with a guy and I'm scared if I get married I'll never be able to. Should I tell her? I have this dream she'll let me go play with a guy or, hell, we could have a crazy dirty threesome. But I'm scared she'll be grossed out instead. Sigh. What should I do?


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  • You should tell her... because your bicuriousness is not going to disappear... and having a dream deferred may result in quite a mess... however, i would not be surprised if your girlfriend took it badly :/ Regardless, you should tell her for your own sake and for hers. It's a terrible idea to marry someone without sharing an interest like that. And who knows, she might surprise you.

    • Hey, thanks for the useful advice. Yeah I want to tell her, maybe if we're both terribly drunk so I could conceivably back out of it and say it was all a joke :)

    • Lol that's an interesting plan... but drunk words are sober thoughts :p

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