He tells me about his family and other personal things. Is he serious about me?

I've been seeing this one guy for the past month and a half. We already call each other 'boyfriend/girlfriend' and seem to be having a really great time together.

He often tells me about his family without me asking. Like he will tell me things about his mom, dad, sister or even brother (even really personal things).

I was talking with him on Skype yesterday and my mom was in the room too. I had headphones on, so she wouldn't be able to hear him. He was smiling and laughing everytime I was talking to my mom and said that he wished he could speak my language too. When I told him my mom said hi, he just smiled.

Since he is telling me all these personal things about his family, is he serious about our relationship?


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  • Sounds like he definitely trusts you alot. He may just be like me, very open with people about my life.

  • yes without a doubt


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