I never dated before. I think I'm scared?

Hi !
I'll be 19 in 4 days and I never dated before. Do you think it's weird? Would you want to date a girl that never dated before?

I had many occasions to do so, but I'll always reject them, I don't even know why. I feel like men aren't trustworthy, that love only exists in movies or that maybe it only happens to others.

Or when I'm crushing over someone and that I know that they are attracted to me, nothing happens, it makes me think that maybe I'm boring or something.

Well my last crush used to text me and then he stopped and told me the typical " you're too good for me, you are really nice but I'm still young, I want to play but not with you". Well I think that it totally means that he got bored of me...

What do you think about it?
Thanks :)


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  • It's not weird, and I would have no issues dating a girl who has not dated much (or never) before.

    Love as portrayed in movies, only happens in movies, but love does exist in many varied forms. I very much doubt you will go through life without experiencing it in one form or another.

    With regards to your crushes not following through, its a modern world. Feel free to ask them out on a date. Quite why they have behaved in certain ways is hard to tell without more details but it could just be nerves on their part, or preoccupation with somthing else in their lives.

    Your specific example does kind of suggest he wants more freedom, rather than a relationship, which is different from getting bored, and even if he did, someone else may find you captivating.

  • No I don't think that's weird. If I knew you had never dated anyone that would make no difference to me... I don't think anyone would ever ask you that anyway!

    Yeah, I'm a guy and I also feel like a lot of guys aren't very trustworthy. Love exists though, not the oh you're so perfect love, but finding someone that compliments you in someway does exist.

    Nothing is going to happen if you don't take action, I had to learn this the hard way... don't sit there and expect someone to just appear out of nowhere. Give hints that you'd want to hangout with the guy or something.

    I don't know sometimes girls have this attitude that the guy should do everything first but I don't really agree with that :P Girls can ask guys out on dates too!


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