What are some signs long-distance girlfriend is losing interest?

We've dated for a good 2 months before she flew back home for the summer. We're university students. I'm working so I don't really have the time/money to pay for flights to visit her. She's sometimes hot/cold, so it's hard to tell...

One thing I've noticed is that she's stopped asking how my day is, etc... She's also been busy, not anywhere with internet, so we've haven't really been able to talk too much.


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  • I am trying to have a long distance relationship but the problem is him. He is talking very sweet, but it's me who have to start talking, or it's me who says iloveyou before he said it. And it's him who ignores me sometimes. I want to have a long-distance relationship but i don't think he wants the same.
    Or actually he's working the whole summer so I know he's busy. But it makes me insecure. I hope that you give your girl a lot of attention because we really need it. When she doesn't talk that much, it can be that she's not in love with you as much as she was but it can also be kind of 'hard to get' maybe she's waiting for you to send her messages. And when you're worried about your relationship, just tell her. I would really like to now it when my boyfriend is worried! Goodluck!

    • Good point. I did stop telling her "good morning/night" these days... so maybe she's feeling the same? How would you feel if a guy you're losing interest starts doing that?

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    • so I said "good morning have a nice day etc..." her response is just "good afternoon" (morning for her, afternoon for me). usually she'd try to talk but that's just it...

    • just don't want to be super clingy forcing the conversation

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  • First if she is online but doesn't reply to you anymore. Dont send you any greetings. And always hot headed when she talks to you or say goodbye after a few talks. I did that so it's mostly the signs

    • hmm she did stop the greetings (tbh so did I recently)... but other than that she still responds to messages and stuff. However she isn't as flirty/spontaneous as before... What do you think?

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  • She's only gone for the summer? Not really ldr just long vacation. Well if she's texting/skyping less thats a sign.

    • it's almost a week of decreased texting

    • So you both live near each other for the most part? Yeah thats never a good sign..

  • Considering how important communication is for a girl, when she stops looking for that sort of constant communication, it's a bad sign.

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