Dating Tony Stark - Charisma and Wealth or Intelligence and Heart?

Here's a hypothetical question.
Let's say someone has cloned Tony Stark... you know... Robert Downy Junior but there's a problem.
The 1st version has his Charisma and they gave them Tony Stark's wealth and possession but the 1st one is not exactly the brightest and can be a bit crooked.

The 2nd version has Tony Stark's intelligence and a heart of gold but he's also a bit of a spaz , and since the 1st Tony Stark clone already claimed the original's wealth. He's also butt poor and it'll be at least 10 years before he get back on his feet.

Here's the question.
Who would you choose as a datable companion?

  • Charisma and Wealth
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  • Intelligence and Heart
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  • Tony Stark can be a bit of an ahole... I'm not sure heart of gold ever applies...

    • well he did save the world.

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    • can always date Constantine

    • Wow! That looks freaky but good!

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