Ex friends with benefits Canceled Last Minute and didn't reschedule?

We haven't done anything in about a month because I hurt him and he wanted space (he caught feelings).

I've been making it up to him by cutting ties with other men in my life if they are more than friends and I even got a small gift for him (which he knows about) on Friday and asked to give it to him. It being Friday, he already had plans for the weekend but assured me he'd try to come see me and he let me know he probably couldn't spend my birthday with me because of work (Monday).

Las night he was out drinking with his friends after his car club had a show and told me he'd see me Sunday (today). I didn't get a text back from him so I politely asked him what's up and he responded with "I'm working today :("

I said "whys it so hard to give you a present and treat you to dinner >.< have a great day at work though!"

No response at the moment.

He's giving me mixed signals as he's the one who offered to see me and acknowledged my birthday without me telling him.

We also been flirting a lot the past couple days. He seems to go from hot to cold. And he does have my Find my iPhone password so I know when he's tracking me and he has been lately and no I wasn't any where I shouldn't have been.

He texted back using the o. o emoji on the iPhone with a gun to my "Have a great day at work!" text.
I don't know what to say bk to him...


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  • You need to leave him alone. He caught feelings. You know he has and you're trying to have the same closeness you had before. If you want to fix it, you have to give him time to get over the feelings. He's not sending mixed signals. You are.

    If he still has feelings and you kind of want to be with him. Then this all makes sense. But right now it just sounds like you don't want to let go for some selfish reasons.

    • When we were fighting 2 weeks ago I told him I want to be exclusive but he said "Too late!" then changed his mind to "Just give me space..." Then I was just like "Okay, well I'll stay exclusive for you anyways" So I'm sure he gets the picture and I am 100% willing to be in an exclusive relationship with him, I've been turning all guys down and taking hits from my friends with benefits making me last on his list. It boils down to either

      1. He doesn't care about me anymore

      2. He doesn't want to get hurt and is being cautious.

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    • Then just stop texting him so the emotions can cool down for a bit. If he wants to see you, he will make the effort to see you

    • He normally gets on MY case for not asking him to hang out but ok ;-;

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  • you want a friends with benefits or a boyfriend? i don't know why girls don't understand this term. a friend with benefit its just sex, plain and simple.

    please do yourself a favor and don't beat yourself too hard over this.. if the guy answers you fine and if he doesn't that's fine as well.

    • We both have feelings for each other except games were played because it bounced back and forth to the point we had no contact for 2 weeks. We just started talkin again this past Friday.
      to answer your question, I could roll either way, I just miss him :(

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    • sending those videos/selfies just makes us horny.. i mean.. if sex is what you want.. obviously it might work..

      this is totally up to you, but you seem to be a good girl, perhaps you should try to make him commit and have a serious relationship

    • haha yeah I do want that.
      BUTTTT however, I would do a relationship with him also.
      Do you think I should respond to his little emoji text or jus wait it out, see if he even tells me happy birthday tomo or initiates a re-schedule?

  • -Men getting flaked on by women ALL THE TIME: Its expected "because she's a woman".

    - Women getting flaked on by men: He's an A-hole.

    "Poor women getting flaked on, Poor me."


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