Can you ever redeem yourself after acting needy with a guy? I'm better than this and need closure?

Sooo I emailed my crush practically telling him how I felt, along the lines of how I've acted needy bc of his indifference and how disappointed I am he gave up on me so soon. That I love myself more and that I'm worth getting to know. Basically telling him he can have all the space he wants bc I'm no longer interested in being available to him. How I admit I've acted lousy and needy but that I rectified my mistake and I'm just honest and direct.

This was sent after a series of stupid attempts to reconnect with the guy. (Via text only, we don't see each other in person too often)

Will this help me regain some dignity and show him I'm not a desperate girl? I'm seriously moving on now too, just needed to clean up my image somehow.

Comments, suggestions, similar experiences are welcomed! :)


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  • You just gotta be consistent with showing him the exact opposite. Don't talk about it, be about it. That means don't go trying to convince him with words; actually show him you're not needy by not always trying to be around him, requesting his attention ect.

    SHOW HIM and he will believe you. You could send him a text like "Hey, I've really been going through a lot and it took me out of character. Good thing I'm not like that all the time, right? ;D " then just make sure you follow up with your actions.

    • Thank you! Your advice is so helpful! I will do that! Thanks again!

    • You're welcome! Sometimes you just have to stop thinking and DO exactly what it is that will get the results you want to see in your life.

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