Study date? Or just studying?

We've been friends for 2 years, but Inow realized that maybe the feelings might be requited this guy & I Ihave been on several study "dates" I don't know if they're considered dates though. We're alone, it's dimly lit, and he bought me food. Half of my friends think it was a date, & the other half said it wasn't. My friend (who's in a relationship) hugs everyone, said he hugged her last week and of course he is the best hugger she's ever met. But she asked once when he was with me, & he rejected it. He's hugged me 3 times, but every time it's super awkward. And he only hugs me on special occasions. :(


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  • The difference between hanging out with someone and "a date" is virtually nonexistent. If you think the time you're spending is leading to something then you think it's a date, no matter how the time is spent. If you decide to stop calling things dates then every time you're with a person you could potentially be building the relationship, no matter where it leads, and you have a lot less to worry about. Just be a friend, show affection when you feel it however you want to show it, and stop fretting.


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