Study date meaning something more?

So there's this guy in my class who I've been getting along with really well. At the start of the semester I told him of the suburban library I study at and he was teasing me, saying it was a pretty crappy place to study etc. Yesterday we were studying together and he suggested catching up over the weekend to study for our up coming exam at the library he had previously teased me about.

Am I reading too much into this? Or was he looking to spend more time with me because he might be interested in me?

Please be honest.

Thank You


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  • He might be interested in you. It would depend on thigns you and him talk about during the studying time. If he is flirting with you and trying to make you laugh during the studying time then he is interested. He kind of contridicted himself because now he wants to study with you at the library he teased you about.I hope the studying goes well and I bet he will flirt with you it's the perfect oppurtunity for him to try.


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