How to I become a boy toy for a rich older woman?

I will bulk and cut for 6 months on juice, then use melanotan II to tan, whiten my teeth, buy good clothes (any advice on the best clothes for this goal?), save money to buy a decent car for my age so that I don't look like I'm parasiting off my parents. Anything else?

Guys that achieved this, what did you do? Did it come to you naturally or you had to work for it?

I have never been a ladies man, I was a skinny, awkward, poor loser in school and then worked as a janitor in university years.


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  • Best bet online dating. Some of my friends when we were in the military did this. There were women who wanted us to post pictures online of ourselves naked or video chat with them. Some would even want to swap masturbation video's. They would always send us shit like clothes or colognes and even work out supplements. they wanted to buy plane tickets for us to visit them over weekends. One dude even got 10k sent back with him after he left for a couple of days with a women. All of these women were older like around there late thirties to early forties either rich or just successful. My brother dated an older girl he met in California, she was older than him like around 15 years, he almost considered marring her and having kids. Her family was very rich and she was also a successful business woman.


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  • So basically how to become a man whore? Put up some posters online, craigslist, go stand on some street corner...


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  • So you don't want to be parasiting off your parents. You don't want in your words " some parasitic bitch". But you want to be a parasite to an old lady? Somebodies priorities and integrity and moral character is all screwed up. . . .

    • Yes. If women can be parasitic so can I. But I won't allow anyone to parasite off me.

  • Rich women nearly always stick to their own circles; if you weren't born with a silver spoon, she most likely won't pay any attention to you regardless of all your preparation.

    The rich have their own codes and language, and while the men will go slumming, the women generally will not...

    • Sucks. But at least I have to try. I don't want to waste my life on some parasitic bitch, I rather live alone then.

  • I've been hit on several times by rich older women and I wasn't doing anything special - I'm not anything special either, not ripped, tanned or anything else like you're describing.

    One was a co-worker who was from a wealthy family and it seems hit on all the young guys in my office. Another was drunk and depressed (but exquisitely dressed) who'd gone for a walk to get out of the house and wound up in the bar. It didn't go anywhere with either of them beyond flirtatious talk.

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