Finding another woman's clothing in your boyfriends room?

first off around the time I found the items we were together for almost 6months. it was later in the day he was outside mowing the lawn and I was cleaning up his room and doing some laundry. he has two bedside tables and when I cleaned out the left side underneath it I found a sparkly headband and some orange socks that were definitely NOT mine. when he comes back I ask him about it and all he said was "sure they aren't yours" ofcourse I freaked out and replied wouldn't have asked if they were mine. he told me they were from his last ex and that was it. the ex he was referring too he still had pics of them on his phone and tablet, had her number in his phone and still friends on Facebook. and I remember ah few months of us being together she txted him when we were on a date asking how he was and if she could drop off his movies to him the next day. he didn't reply back that I know of and she isn't on his Facebook phone or any pics but he did block her I'm just confused about it all and would like to have opinions I don't know if I should continue this or not

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  • If you found this six months in has he cleaned his room since? Was where you found them clean before? If it was I'd be careful, sounds like that girl is trying to send you a message. And your boyfriend is shady as fuck. I'm not saying he cheated but if it wasn't there before and suddenly it is that's shady. Even if she just came to talk girls are vindictive she could have left it on purpose!


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  • He more than likely forgot,
    this doesn't really even need to be "worked out"
    if ya don't trust him that much, that's a whole new story

  • id be more concerned he still had pics of her he carried


What Girls Said 2

  • Your boyfriend probably didn't realize they were in there, I have drawers that I haven't opened in years, never mind months. Drop it and move on.

  • He gave you what sounds like an honest answer as soon as you asked so it's probably just as he says, some of her old stuff that just hasn't got thrown away or picked up.