New guy pressuring me to hang out bad sign?

I just met a guy and I'm thinking of breaking up with my boyfriend. Well, he knows that I have a boyfriend and in addition to that, I already have plans for this weekend. Well, he wants me to drop everything and spend all weekend with him. I explained everything and he's trying to guilt trip me. I feel so pressured and I really don't want to break up with my boyfriend just yet. I also don't want some new guy that I just met staying at my apartment all weekend when I'm not there. He lives 3 hours away, so if he comes he'll want to stay. Opinions?


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  • After reading your response to another answer, I say you should dump your boyfriend and friend zone the new guy (don't let him stay with you for the weekend) and focus on yourself for a while.


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  • is there any other legitimate reason you want to break up with your current boyfriend other than "this guy keeps pressuring me" reason, cause if not then break up with your BF, do HIM a solid favor, and then go out with this guy who pressured you into breaking up with your BF. can't have your cake and eat it too. :D

    • He isn't pressuring me to break up with my boyfriend. I have a shitty boyfriend. I have plans tonight-ladies night and tomorrow, I have a Halloween party. He basically wants me to cancel and just hang out with him. My boyfriend doesn't appreciate me and I'm an embarrassment to him. I stay with him because he's the reason I moved here and the only person I know here and it's convenient. EVERYONE has been telling me to break up with him the entire time we've been together. It's really unhealthy...

    • you should've led with that hahaa. not knowing that piece of information gives me the impression that you're about to dump a perfectly fine boyfriend because some other guy is tempting you. well in this case, go with your gut feeling. its also okay to not have a bf. if you're in what you consider to be a unhealthy relationship then get out of it for the obvious reasons.

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