Do you have problems with being vulnerable?

I understand what it means but I have never been able to put it into practice; I often let the fear of failing or getting hurt stop me from pursuing certain things. Because of that, I always have my guard up and it is hard for me to get close to people and be able to let them in.

Have you guys had/have issues with being vulnerable?

What do you do to work past whatever holds you back?


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  • I used to. Facade for days, I had several personalities I'd front and the real me would only come to play when I was alone. The thing is, enduring and understanding. Accepting that not everyone's alike or who cares what this person thinks of me as long as I stay true to myself.

    Really think long and hard about why you wouldn't be vulnerable. Just by constantly thinking about it you'll never be fully open but that's the beauty of it too I guess, in the off chance that in a minute point in time where someone just gets to you. You Dont realize until after some beans get spilt.


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  • I'm never vulnerable, life has taught me to always be on guard.


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