Should I seriously give a short guy a chance?

Okay so I'm a young woman of 6'2 barefoot and the tallest guy I have dated was 6'1 but he cheated on me with a petite girl, then I dated a guy who was 5'9 but was very abusive to me because I'm bigger than him and he manipulated me so many times. I really want to date a taller man but guys seem to like the shorter women. I've seem a 6'7 guy with a 5'1 girl and a 6'3 guy with a 5'2 girl. Tall girls get nothing. I had a crush on this guy last week and he was 6'10 but he has a girlfriend and she looked about 5'8.
Damn I can't get any tall men. I get shorter guys about 5'6 and shorter hitting on me. This guy who was 5'7 asked me out but I reject him. My man HAS to be my height or taller. I don't date short men. I get pissed to see tall men with short gals.
Yes. Stop being so flipping picky!
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Tall females should at least give a short man a chance
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Should I seriously give a short guy a chance?
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