Getting a second date? Be persistent?

I went on a date last Sunday and it seemed to go well. Decent physical contact, sharing food, never a silent moment, she asked a lot of questions about me and i did the same, etc. But she rejected my kiss at the end. The next day she thanked me for the date. I responded with "hey I had a great time and would def like to see you again. Let me know when you are free next week" I haven't heard from her and its now Saturday. Is she not interested? Should I ask her out again with more specific plans or wait a little longer? Although I'm 24, I've never had to pursue someone so this is new to me.

So I texted her to ask if she had plans tmr, and that I wanted to take her out. She responded saying a friend from her home country was visiting her and she'd be busy this weekend and week. In her text, she apologized and put a sad smiley (does that matter?) I told her "no problem!"

I'll message her next weekend to try again. Might as well persist until I either get her or she rejects me,
she didn't have to respond or give an excuse, so that counts for something right? lol


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  • I assume that you have just sent one message to her asking her if she is free next week. In the worst case scenario she missed that message or forgot to reply, so send her a message with a specific plan like wanna see a movie on Sunday etc. BUT if you have asked her more than once already do not message.

    • Yes I have not messaged her since. I've always believed in mutual effort but having talked to some female friends, it appears guys should put a little more effort at the beginning.

    • Yes there's no harm in trying

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    Just kidding! This is how NOT to be, haha

  • I am sorry to say this, but for me it sounds like she is not interested. She rejected a kiss and hasn't replied to your message. If we assume that she didn't get your message, then you could sent a new message and ask her out again. But how did she reject your kiss? By saying no or wasn't it the right moment?


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  • You tried. That was the end of the road. If she wanted to see you again she'd contact you. You had fun and enjoyed getting to know someone. It was not meant to be. Let her go and find that special lady who wants you as much as you want them

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