He walked me to my dorm... is he interested?

We have a class at night together and he sits at my table, he has always been friendly but that is just part of his personality. I don't have his number and we don't follow each other on social media. I usually longboard to and from class and the other night we walked outside of the building together and we started talking. We walked together to my building (20 min walk, he lives in the building across) and spoke about stuff you wouldn't regularly talk about with classmates such as religious views etc... this is my first time asking a question and thought the poll thing was cool so please vote and respond

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  • Eh, its the start of something
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we also talked about our curiosity in science (we both are science majors), his views on the modern hook-up culture (btw he is "old fashioned" and has values) etc.


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  • It's possible he just wanted a friend to walk home with there might be something more there but he's at least your friend if you want it to go somewhere ask him for his number maybe next time you walk home ask him if he wants to go get coffee or something along those lines.


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  • there seems to be potential interest. you need to take things further to find out.

  • He's testing the waters.


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  • i think an option between "he is trying to get to know you it might be the start of something..":)