My girlfriend has a guy friend (many guy friends)

My girlfriend and I have been together for about a year and a half. We met while seniors in High School and right now we are finishing our first year in college (the same one). Well, the first semester concluded with her crying and hurt that she was unable to meet people that shared her same interests or even wanted to be her friend. I talked to her and consoled her, letting her know she would make many friends because she is a wonderful person.

Well, our second semester was quite different. She has a HELL of a lot of friends. So many that she has to reintroduce to many of them after a met them the first time. I was so happy that she made friends. The thing that bothered me about it however, was that most of them our guys. At first I was fine with it. But after awhile I started noticing that when we met (while together) her friends, she would let go of my hand and become visually astatic to meet them. This made me feel quite awkward-- just standing there watching them light up talking to one another. Well, I did my part and tried talking to them outside of our meeting and they shrug me off like they don't even know me. But, when I am with her, they couldn't be happier. It p*sses me off. I talked to her about how I felt and she said she understood. Since she holds my hand in front of them and introduces me.

Well, one guy friend of hers is now getting under my skin. His name is Branden and he was her partner in a project for English class. This project called for them to meet up and write a pretty big paper. So, they meet up like 4-5 days a week writing for like 2-3 weeks. Mnay times their meetings lasted for 6 PM to Midnight or 1Am (Mind you this was a dorm commons areas--or that is what I am told) This really got to me. In addition, when I talk to her about him, she tells me how funny he is, what a great guy he is, and how much they have in common. Great right? She even said he flirted a lot but she said she found it funny and nothing came out of it. I asked her if she thought he was attractive and she said yes, but she was in love with me and said parts of his personality were not attractive.

Well, when their project ends, I am quite relieved because I think I do not have to worry about him. Guess again. I see them quite frequently leaving class together taking together down the sidewalks. I walk past them to go to the same English class they left feeling awkward seeing them together. In addition, they now go to lunch or dinner together every once in awhile. She even said they wanted to go picture hunting by a lake (She is a artist is every sense of the word) with him. Have you know, MANY of our first dates together involved such activities.

What I can't understand is why he wants to hang out with her. I love and trust my girlfriend. She is VERY trustworthy. I just do not trust this guy. Why would he just want to "hang out" with her as a friend. I feel like he is mistaking her friendliness for opportunity to find a new gf.
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I do not believe any guy would just want to hang out with ONE other girl. Go to dinner with ONE other girl as just friends. She insists they are just friends. I don't believe any guy hangs out with another girl (alone) as just friends.
My girlfriend has a guy friend (many guy friends)
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