Guys: what are your turn off with girls? Girls: what are your turn off with guys?

Guys: what are your turn offs with girls? Girls: what are your turn offs with guys? Everyone be honest !


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  • 1. If she's a bitch
    2. If she's rude, sexist, racist, offensive, etc
    3. If she's unattractive/doesn't take care of herself/unhygenic/not well groomed
    4. Talks about ex boyfriends and previous sexual encounters too early on (yes, this happened)
    5. Talks about marriage and children too early on, especially if it pertains to getting married to me and what our children would look like (same girl too)
    6. Boring personality
    7. Manipulative
    8. Being desperate, overly attached, or insecure
    9. Doesn't appreciate me
    10. Playing mind games


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What Guys Said 4

  • 1. Weird ass laugh
    2. Makes everything awkward
    3. Long fingernails
    4. Acts like she's hot shit
    5. Stalking
    6. Complains about everything
    7. Insecurity about our relationship (thinks im cheating when im not)
    8. physically unattractive
    9. Smells weird
    10 anything not considered normally or socially acceptable.

  • my major turn off: a girl who can't hold a good conversation for 5 mins or acts really disty when i saw her 2 secs before talking to her freind in an intelegent manner : P

    • please ignore the fact i fail at spellign the word intelligent XD

  • Urination, vomit, shitting

  • Top 5:

    1. They are dirty.
    2. They are incompetent.
    3. They are careless.
    4. They are empty-headed.
    5. They aren't ambitious.


What Girls Said 2

  • For me, asshole. I like a guy that is fun and jokes around, but if he is gunning for me all the time... just no. Guys that are not appreciative and just expect you to do something you are not comfortable with. Guys who worry to much about what their friends think of the girl they date (whether good or bad). Guys that hide things or lie. Evil or abusive to anyone and animals. Doesn't want to do anything with their lives or no confidence and ambition. Also over confident to a point they miss treat you. Lastly a guy that doesn't accept me the way I am and constantly try to get me to do stuff I don't want to do. :)

    • Oh and smokers!!!
      Drinks a lot. Can't stand the smell of smoke it literally makes me sick. So you are not going to win me over with a cancer stick in your mouth. >_<

  • -Smoking
    -Lacking goals/ambition
    -Not intelligent or decently educated
    -Unattractive to me
    -Not clean, or too messy
    -Arrogant, entitled
    -Too sexually aggressive, too soon
    -Very socially awkward
    -A push-over, no opinions of his own, etc.

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