He cancelled our third date last minute. Should I give him another chance?

Hey guys, I need your opinion. So I met this guy online, we went out twice, he seemed to be great, nice, and polite. He seemed to be interested in me. The first date was on Friday and the second one was on the next day, Saturday. We kissed on the second date and he planned the third date for the following week. But he cancelled our date last minute because he was stuck in other city. I told him I would've appreciated it if he had told me sooner. He said he was sorry it was a hectic and stressful day. BUT I saw he was on the dating site a couple of times earlier that day. He asked me if I wanna go out once he gets back from another country, but I was so turned off so I told him I would play by the ear. I mean if he was too busy just to let me know that he had to bail, he should have been too busy to check anything else, right? To me it just doesn't make sense. But I want to know what you guys think. Should I give him another chance? Because other than that, he's a nice guy. But I don't want to go out with someone who is not THAT into me. Thank you for the opinion! xoxo

I don't care that he was on there, but that makes his reason not to let me know earlier because he was too busy invalid. Makes me think he was just simply being rude, makes me question my first impression about him.


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  • This is why I hate the internet.

    He was in another city, he wasn't without internet. He got on, you don't know how long even. Maybe he rad your old messages or your profile. Notice that you got on too?

    Even if he talked to someone who cares? You're getting to know each other still.

    Give him a shot, if he bails again then take the hint. Just let him set it up.


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