He canceled our first date... should I give him another chance?

I was supposed to go out with this guy last Sunday but he was taking a few hours to get back to me to confirm that he could and my other friend wanted to hang out so I ended up saying some other time. Then we decided for tonight. We were supposed to meet at 5:30 and he texts me at 5 saying there's no way he can get out of work to meet me and if we can go tomorrow. I don't know if I should give him another chance or just move on? I'm starting to think that he doesn't want to go out with me:/

So we were supposed to go tonight after work for happy hour but I hadn't heard from him. When I texted him he said that he got off work early so he was on his side of town. Then he said he wanted to go to the movies later on instead. I already planned to go to a Halloween party so I declined. I don't know if I will ever meet this guy lol


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  • Obviously if he's stuck at work, he can't leave. You act as though he chose to cancel or you really do not understand the work-a-day world. Sadly you seem to be one of those people who thinks a guy should possibly sacrifice his job/career for your sake.

    Are you anywhere near the word serious?

    • Yeah but this is the second time he's flaked and we haven't even gone on a date. Of course I don't expect someone to sacrifice their job. Never said that. But a flake is a flake.

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    • I was hoping to sort it out. Not get judged by a few sentences I post on a website...

    • If you want you want to sort it out, then make a date on a day when he isn't working or be flexible with him. (He should also be flexible with you.) Relax a little and you'll get together. When you do, don't be judgemental, just try to have a nice time. If there is anything there, you'll know it soon enough.

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  • I'd say that he's a flake. Since it's a little ambiguous, let me see if I have this correct: you declined one invite because he waited too long to confirm it; he cancelled another one because he claimed that he couldn't get out of work (I find that one suspect because I'd never plan a date with a woman that I liked so close to getting off work); and you were suppose to go out tonight but since he got off work early (which should have made him more likely to keep the date, not less) he more or less cancelled again. That's three strikes by my count. I wouldn't initiate any more. If he initiates one more, then I guess it'd be OK to give him one more shot if you really like him. Otherwise, you should move on.

    • I don't know. I'm confused. Tonight he just pushed the time back since he works on my side but got off early and went home. He lives on the other side of the river. It takes 30 min on a good day. At rush hour it's at least an hour. He didn't know before asking me to meet up later that I had already planned to go to a party. I've tried to give him outs but he is adamant that he really wants to go out. He wants to go out on Sunday. If it doesn't happen then I'm done

  • He has good excuses; he's busy. So he's not going to be clingy.

    Look at the cup as half full.

    But don't reject someone before you even get to know them! He might be really wonderful; how would you know?

    • Update: As I said, you don't have to worry about this fellow being too clingy!

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  • Hey! I think you should give him a chance, it's not his fault that he had to work a little bit late. I am sure if you two even planned the date in the first place, he wants to get to know you. Rescheduling happens all of the time! Keep your head up and call him back! :)

  • It all depends on why he cancelled it. Clearly it's work related. So you should give him another chance...it's not his fault. Do you want him to get fired and live in a box?