He cancelled our second date, twice in a row?

I met this guy on Tinder. We talked and we had our first date like a month ago. It was nice, we laughed and we talked, we had a really good time, and he kissed me at the end of our date.
And later he texted me that he was really happy to meet me.
the next two days he texted me to say hi and to see how I was.
But the third day I was the one who texted first, he told me he was driving so he would talk to me later. He did'nt.
I didn't hear anything from him for like 15 days, so I texted him to see how he was and he texted me back inmediately. Whe talked and I told him that I enjoyed our first date and I think it would be nice to hang out again. He said "Yes. I really want to hang out with you again". So we made plans for that saturday, but he was going to be out of town so he told me "I'll call you on Friday to confirm". He didn't.
I texted him on Saturday afternoon to see if we were still going to our date, he said "I'm still out of town, I'm sorry i didn't tell you earlier".
The next Monday I texted him, again, and I asked him how he was, we talked for a while and we decided to hang out that Wednesday night. He invited me to watch a movie at his place.
That Wednesday at noon he texted me to confirm our date, and also he told me that he had a meeting with a client at 8pm that day, so he asked me if it would be possible to have our date at 9pm. I said ok.
Then he texted me at 8:30pm and said "I think I'm not gonna make it. Can we do it another day? Sorry"
I asked him if it was just because of the meeting or if his cancellation had anything to do with me, because it was the second time in a row so it felt a little weird. But he said it was because of the meeting.
I said "I don't like when you cancel our plans at last minute but, it's ok. I understand... If you really want to reschedule, let me know"
He said "Yes, I know and I'm sorry... And don't worry. I'll let you know"
So... what do you think? What should I do?
Move on or give him another chance?
He cancelled our second date, twice in a row?
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