Guy cancels our second date two times. Should I move on?


Hi everybody! So, I'm a bit confused whether this guy likes me or should I forget about him and move on. I would really appreciate your advice.

I know this guy from work and I like him a lot. Before we haven't talked that much and it was me who approached him first, I initiated the first conversation, and after a while of texting and talking at work, I mentioned that we should have coffee sometime. He agreed and we set up the date. The date went very well, we talked a lot, we took a walk and he even walked me back home and we hugged before parting. The next day he texted me that he was still thinking about me, that I was so beautiful yesterday, and he initiated the second date. I agreed. But when the day of the date came, he didn't contact me to set up the exact place and time. I waited and in the afternoon texted him if we were still hanging out that day. He told me that something came up at work and he couldn't make it. I was a bit upset, couldn't he just let me know in advance? Then he told me that maybe we could do something on the weekend, I said that I didn't know yet and that we would see.

He contacted me in a few days and we set up the date again for Sunday. But on Sunday he texted me that he was feeling a bit sick and as he wasn't sure if it was Covid or not, it would be better not to meet. But he suggested another day for meeting. Unfortunately, I am busy on that day. So we said that we would see some other time.

Now I don't know what to think. It seemed that he liked me and wanted to see me, but now he acts like this and cancels our date second time in a row. At first sight, both excuses are acceptable, but I still have a doubt. I don't know if it is my insecurity or he is just not taking me seriously enough.

I really like him, but I don't want to lose time and to end up broken-hearted. What do you think? Should I move on or should I give him another chance if he reaches out again? Or maybe I should directly ask him if he likes me?

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Update: I found out from our collegues that he really is sick and that the other day he really was at work till late at night. Plus, he has texted me to see how I'm doing since then. So I think if he initiates another date, I will give him one more chance. If he doesn't, I'll just move on. Thank you all for your opinions 😊
Guy cancels our second date two times. Should I move on?
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