Attractive people dating way less attractive people why is this?

I dated a guy in highschool we were/are both very attractive, tall, tan, athletic, blonde, stylish, from upper middle class families.. we did not communicate well, among other issues and it didn't last, now we have both moved on, he is dating a short anorexic looking girl with a lazy eye and dark thin hair from a hick town... but he seems to really like her and the travel/go out together and post photos on Facebook. I am dating a balding 30 year old man (I'm 22), who is shorter than me, wears glasses, dark hair/is hairy... Now I know I sound like a horrible stuck up bitch... but for once I feel happy and not always on edge worried he's cheating etc.. this guy make me feel happy and comfortable... but sometimes I imagine reconnecting with my ex, yea our communication sucked but we are both hot and had great sex and would make very attractive babies... but we are so selfish and self centered our babies would turn off really messed up and neglected... lol I like how my current bf brings me back to reality, keeps me balanced... actually appreciates me... I am a hot piece of ass for him so he wants to keep me and like I said he won't make me feel on edge in that way... can anyone relate to this? Sometimes it's really nice to date someone uglier, less sexy/fit/rich etc. because you can actually feel comfortable and be yourself...
Attractive people dating way less attractive people why is this?
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