How to tease my mother in law? she always does?

I don't like my mother in law much. the first one is so full of herself and the 2nd one always tease me about anything. she always pick on how I do things. if I am tired she always make sure to tell me : " oh u look so tired and ur skin is pale"
first I thought she is just worried about me or something but then I noticed that as if she has a microscope to give me feedback about my skin or my face or anything I do.

so last time I saw her I told her oh u look likeu lost a lot of weight and ur face shows and u look so tired.. but I need more ideas

why won't some1 answer my question
come on give me some creative ideas


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  • Tell her you're so pale because her son just can't stop banging you and you don't have time to get adequate sleep. I guarantee that'll shut her up.

    • Hahaha was thinking about that. it will definitely drive her crazy hahah. I am just waiting for the right moment when we are talking about such stuff.

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    • that is so helpful thank u. I should learn this kind of stuff. this will definitely bring her down

    • Thanks for mh! 😊 good luck with the mother in law!

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  • Tell her to drop taking her misery out on you.

    • but that's not teasing and I can't tell her that because she will play that she doesn't mean it and will become the victim of my evil thoughts

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    • I want to report your comment but I can't figure out how. so stop it you

    • Yes ma'am.

  • your mama jokes?

  • Her titmilk is turned in to cottage cheese. - Maybe a bit too much..


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