Shy men and PDA? Affection? Etc?

Shy men. Do you do PDA? How do you normally show affection for your gf? How long into a relationship does it take for you to be comfortable to show affection?


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  • Back in the days when I was really shy I wouldn't do any PDA. Because shy people don't do that.

    Even though I'm no longer shy I don't feel comfortable with PDA because I feel that is a thing between me and her and not something I need to broadcast to the world. Doesn't mean that you have to be totally cold and distant either, there is a middle way.

    • So no hand holding or your hand on her back?

    • I don't consider hand holding to be that much of PDA. But back when I was shy I wouldn't feel comfortable even with that.

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  • I don't do much PDA, sure an occasional kiss on the lips goodbye/greeting but that's about it other than holding hands. I personally don't want everyone to know how affectionate I am with my gf, I leave that when it's just her and I. So I always show affection, but never much of PDA.

  • What type of shy are you talking about? Those that are shy with others who they don't know well probably wouldn't have a problem with PDA. Others that aren't shy may be hesitant to show affection in front of others too.

    • Shy around people they don't know well.. I guess.

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