He asked me to text him, should I?

We had a date/hookup and didn't have sex and we both enjoyed ourselves.
This wasn't a regular hookup. Had he been a regular guy, I don't think I would have went as far as I did. He was comfortable and a lot like me. So I went as far as I was comfortable with.
At the end he walked me to the bus stop and waited with me. He then asked for a kiss and told me to text him as I got on the bus. I've been home for about 30 minutes. Should I text him? I really want to, but I'm a little interested in him, so I don't want to make the wrong moves, or get too emotionally involved.

PS: We met for the first time today in person after about a week of texting.


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  • ... He then asked for a kiss and told me to Text him as I got on the bus...
    He was concerned enough to want to make sure you got home okay, Evolve23, so go ahead and don't keep him waiting any longer than you have to. With you pushing a button on your part right now to comply with this guy, will give you More in store for Future------Weeks of texting and Other dates down the line.
    It might even lead into more than a 'date/hookup' situation where you both end up in a real relationship, who knows... I am seeing a First good sign of Caring here, dear. You played your cards right and he is showing you the respect you deserve. Keep him eating out of your hand.
    Good luck. xx


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  • unless you are not interested, text him lmao!
    i hope you did by now...

    • He ended up texting me hahah, at like 1 AM :)

    • I just get really scared once I feel that I've become somewhat emotionally involved

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  • Yeah, you should text him and be yourself. He even wants you to text him an you want to text him too! That's a win win situation.

    • Yes, but I often feel that when I'm involved with someone, as soon as I show interest they pull away from me. I don't wanna get hurt I guess.