Are yandere girls/guys attractive to you?

I personally find a girl with a yandere side hot and would like to see other people's opinions on this!

  • Hell yea yandere is the purest form of love
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  • Nooooooo not for me I saw the end of school days bro
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  • I don't know what it means but I have a good head on my shoulders so I'll google it!
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  • Hur dur I'm the lazy reader can't you just tell me what yandere means? Spoiler: no
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  • Just wanna see dem results!
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  • Just wanna see dem results!


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  • I'm here to collect my nerd ID card.

    Yes , I think yandere is hot. Makes a relationship more playful and less serious lol , god knows I've been too serious all my life.