Are Swedish girls really as promiscuous/slutty as a lot of men say about them?

I often hear how Swedish girls have no morals, loyalty and are too easy to get. Not saying that I believe this myself but I've been hearing from the general views of men that most of them are immoral and unfaithful.


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  • "Most of them"?

    Don't be so naive. I think this is just wishful thinking on your part.


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  • I don't think that is true. Women can still have sex with many partners and not be Swedish. A nationality has nothing to do with women and sex. Any woman or man is susceptible to lust no matter where they are from.

    • I ask because there's this Swedish exchange student in my college who I just recently met. She likes me. She's a really beautiful looking woman but at first, I don't know if I could trust her in a future relationship because of all the negative stories I've heard about them from other men.

    • Another negative perception about Swedish girls that I get from men is that in a relationship, they don't know how to treat their men right.

    • I think you should trust her. Don't let the negative words about her nationality judge her as a person. Let her actions do that for you :)

  • Yes, and Hilter was right about the Jews, and there really is a tooth fairy.


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