4th date he still hasn't kissed me?

I met this guy September of 2014 on Tinder. He's 28, im 25 years old. We started texting everyday since then and decided to meet up December of the same year. After our first date, i asked him what he thinks and he said he likes me. It was our 4th date last night and he still has not kissed me. We link arms, hugged each other tight many times, cuddled a little bit on the couch and our faces were near touching lots of times, but still no kiss from him. On our 4th date, when he was about to go home, i kissed him on the cheek, but he just smiled and didn't kiss me back or anything. our texting routine is still okay and didn't change at all. He is a shy guy for sure but i think not kissing me back when i gave him the green light was a definite sign that he doesn't really like me and just hangs around for company. This is frustrating. Can anyone help me figure out this guy's train of thought? i wanna know what's on his mind but i dont want to ask him as that might scare him away. I know the only way to know if to ask him. But before i do that i want to know what guys think. i have stretched my flirting resources too much and this hurts my pride so much.

I just blocked this guy on my phone and social media accounts. he just went out on a date with someone else on today disneyland. That explains it.


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  • He seems as if he really likes you. Despite his age, he seems a little inexperienced.
    You might have to take the lead with the pace of how things are going.
    If you can be honest with him and tell him how you feel.

    • thank! I'll talk to him about it if still nothing happens on our 5th date haha

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  • Then why don't you lean in to his face next time and show a sign or bite your lip and maybe he will lean in the rest. With all the sexual harassment allegations it's right he is cautious. As a male it's understandable, maybe he is shy or not sure. Are you showing any signs that you want to kiss?

    • I show signs, but i guess they weren't strong enough for him to figure it out? We can't stare at each others eyes for long lately when we started cuddling. 😁

    • Lol obviously you can't. That is a good idea though. by the way, what signs have you showed him?

  • Kisses are a big deal, you know

  • He's sounds like me... clueless. What have you done on your dates by the way?

    • We usually eat dinner and take a walk in public places. 3rd and 4th date we ate out and watched movies in my place. It was just us in the house 😁

    • Oh right... I've just got a date from POF and asked her to plan half and I plan half... you should do the same and choose a snogging session

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  • So... Date # 4 and you still haven't kissed HIM? :)

    • I did but cheek kiss was all i can muster. 😁

  • You have to just kiss him. I just told my boyfriend to kiss me. He's probably just really nervous.

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