Easy going girlfriend. Is this bad thing?

So I'm very easy going in relationships. I don't really care too much for material things, or fancy expensive dates. I prefer simple things. Simple like pull out a blanket under the stars, and we can laugh and chill out together type of thing. Maybe bring some snacks or something. I guess I'm saying I'm more low maintenance. It doesn't take a lot to make me happy.


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  • Doesn't take me much to make me happy either.. Coffee, food, affection, sex, loyalty and I'll be a happy woman.. 😁

    It's not bad at all. You would make the right guy happy to be with you. Let's hope he knows he has a gem on his hands ☺️


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  • I'm not opposed to spending money on mice fun things once in a while, but generally I am the same way.

    I tend to believe that many people rely on extravagance and financial showmanship, all in an attempt to create artificial meaning.

    • Yeah. I think it says a lot about your relationship if it's balance lies in material things.

    • Mice things. LOL thanks for overlooking that one.

      And I agree! Of course, money is important to a degree and nice things can be nice to have and share, but if it was the basis of a relationship, well, that just sounds incredibly boring and bland.

    • Yes, and shallow. There's no real love there. Say something happens and the guy loses his money are you going to leave him just because he's fallen on hard times?

  • Why would it be a bad thing? I prefer to date someone who isn't needy when it comes to material things, those who can appreciate the moment fully without the distractions of pricey goods.

  • You're the perfect girlfriend


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