How much do lesbians care about height?

I'm a 5ft tall butch and well.. I'm concerned.

Probably cuz I'm not really too interested in having people see me for WHO I am and dating and relationships and shit. I just want to hook up.

And it seems that may be some difficult as a short butch. Seems most chicks only go for tall butch chicks. Soo.. Lessies everywhere, lesbihonest, how much do you care about height? I know I'm good looking, so that's not an issue. The only complaint I've ever gotten is that I'm short, but I have really strong bone structure and a sweet bod. Not to be egocentric, just being real is all.


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  • Not a lesbian BUT I have a couple lesbian friends who are on the shorter end of the spectrum and they don't seem to be having issues at all. At least none they've voiced to me.

    • But are they femme or butch? Femme can easily get away with being short. Haven't seen any butches with good luck

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    • If it helps I've had hookups with guys shorter than me and I'm 5'2"/5'3" lol. And yes they were legal.

    • Lol how would that help

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