Guys obsess over non-black women but shit on the black ones?

Since yesterday out of curiosity, I googled for the first time would guys date a black lady. I usually ended up in some forum from Bodybuilding. com and (they are all-around sexist anyway) they pretty much made jokes and making it seem like we're the epitome of hell - whilst if you searched something similar but replaced "black girls" with "asian girls", for example, guys treat them like a baby and give them the credit they deserve via looks (the posters were white men so it wasn't a huge surprise) and even WHY they like them.

Of course we have the excuses as to why a guy would't be into us:
- Overweight
- Attitude/ghetto/loud
- Promiscuous
- Less feminine
- Hair texture
- Background
- The "I-can't-make-decisions-of-my-own-so-I-care-what-my-friends-and-family-think" excuse
- "It's the features that I'm not attracted to" (as if we all look alike)

But lets be honest, anyone (let alone a woman) can have these attributes. And before you say "yeah but it's more common with black women", then how do you know that? Oh yeah because of some statistics you heard about online.

This isn't a guilt/troll/racist/please-like-us-black-girls-because-we-are-misunderstood post, let alone one that is jealous of whatever I'm supposed to be jealous of. I just want to know why guys always defend other women but when ONE person puts a non-black girl in a bad light, guys come to the rescue?

"Black women are ugly" - *Guys flock in and put their two cents in as to why they agree*

"White/asian/hispanic women are ugly" - *Guys defend them and talk about all of the wonderful princess attributes they have*

Like, what even comes to mind when you hear "black girl/woman"? Most men act like every non-black girl they've seen is a 10/10. I know there's guys out there that like us, but it seems like 1/1000000 actually do
Guys obsess over non-black women but shit on the black ones?
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