What is your Ideal girl?

appearence, height, personality, intelligence, body shape and hair colour/length and eyes?

for my anthro project, please answer


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  • Physically?
    Something like this of course will be very desirable but it's not that high on my list of things.

    Demeanor and fashion wise.
    Something that's more laid back and fashionable without being overly glamours or too high brow or too "out there"

    Personality and intelligence?
    Well she does have to be the 2nd coming of Richard Dawkings and I don't think intelligence is the right word.
    Someone who's witty , calm , has a good sense of British humor.

    Has a sort of sex appeal to it without it being her only defining trait.

    Someone who when I mention her name to people , people won't just go.
    "Oh you mean the girl with the tittehs and buttocks" .
    Someone who when I mention her name they'll go.
    "oh yeah , the cheeky bugger from so and so. The one who's geeks up the room right? I know her. "


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  • The anonymous post about you is wrong. You're really pretty; that guy would be pretty lucky to date you. Anyway, she would be 15-30% fat, thinner face, long hair. I don't care about color of anything; she could be any color. I don't care about height. She would be college educated; she would be laid back, adaptable, and ideally, she likes to laugh.

  • A or b cup, average looking face, kinky curly hair style or straight down long or short. Average body weight or little extras pounds, 5'4 or less, smart enough to know bullshit brain washing social tactics when she see it. Like if her friends tell her I'm not keeper cause I have flaw and she goes with it, she's not for me, inverted trianglar shape body type is ideal for me, and her eyes can be rounded, almond, or slender.

  • Appearance:
    5'2"-5'6", 5'4" is the sweet spot
    Average-Above Average
    Body shape:
    Average/Fit and hourglass, like this:
    Hair color/length:
    Blonde/Brunette, shoulder length to middle back.
    Eyes: Anything goes.

  • So is this about perfection? I am just going to guess yes.

    -Brown hair
    -Shoulder to lower back length hair
    -Blue eyes
    -Roundish face, so really no sharp facial features
    -Large bust, small waist, and wide hips so an hourglass shape.
    -Around 5'2
    -Dresses femininely, so wears dresses and likes to wear a hair accessory like a flower.
    -I don't know where I could put this in, but I would like her to be soft physically.
    -Puts makeup on well, so it doesn't make her look like a clown

    -Depends on me
    -Soft spoken, but also knows how to have a conversation
    -Passive with most things
    -Kinda clingy
    -Very affectionate
    -Has a motherly instinct
    -Emotional, but not irrational

    Side note, when it comes to a woman who I am actually going to marry, half of the physical stuff isn't important to me but, the personality is incredibly important though and only one thing is okay for a woman who wants me to marry them. And I hope that was enough.

  • Appearance: Mila Kunis, Sara Jean underwood. Something cute and sexy simultaneously.
    Hieght:5"-5'9". ( I need to be at least couple inches taller)
    Personality: happy, bubbly, caring, easy going. doesn't spend 98% of the day on her phone.
    Body shape: petite, nice butt, thin, boobs don't matter as long as they aren't saggy.
    Hair color: auburn or dark brown
    Eyes: big and pretty. I guess blue is nice.

  • Black hairs blue eyes very simple style Like tshirt jeans.
    About 1m60 for 60kg.
    Quiet, thoughtful, logical, dreamy.
    Intelligence... depends. I want her to be able to think about a question and have an unique answer. She doesn't be Einstein. Just to be herself.

  • I like someone who isn't trying to take over the world, who has a very natural beauty, and who likes to keep things simple. You could say I have a thing for people who may be classified by others as "hippies".

  • I don't know... someone pretty I guess.

  • 5'7,,, Sweet, very smart, lean with curves, very long hair blond or brown hair, blue or green eyes

  • I'd like her to be my height and I'm 5'11 5'12 on a good day. I'd like her personality to be like mine with her own unique corks of course but I want her to be as passionate as me, have a heart like mine, have the same traits for the most part, and to be well rounded like me, capable of enjoying a boxing match, going to an art gallery, and playing video games all in the same day. We'd both be equally intelligent to the point of challenging one another and having the same sense of humor. She'd be curved with a cute face and hair that goes down to her shoulders at least. Her eyes would be either blue or green and they would be those eyes you could just stare at for hours

  • Pink cheeks, cute smile, glossy lips, oh yeh oh yeh... I like hot figure... ;)

    Height at least 5'.6", longer hairs black, sober as a judge, good educative background, good morals, reasonable intelligence, etc.
    If here is anyone please come n appear I wanna marry you... ;)

  • Reasonable intelligence, decent personal hygiene, and ultimately I guess I just look for understanding in a girl.

  • Amber heard for appearance but not her personality however Johnny depp lucky but I'm unlucky

  • Sweet, kind, funny to talk, skinny haha I like skinny girls and I am skinny too. Hair - don't care, eyes don't care.

  • essentially not u and someone really wealthy who is a model

    • OHHHHHHhhhhh
      Dissing people on the internet behind the shield of anonymity.

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    • You also contradicted yourself because you ARE having a conversation with me, the " stupid and the bitter"

    • and yeah your basically belittling me and telling me everything I'm doing wrong as if you are some sort of king/god and all knowing. Get off your high horse.

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  • At least 165cm tall. This coming from a 157cm midget.